Success stories about better ways to calibrate


Reduction in time required for performing temperature calibrations.

Cornell University, USA

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1 year

Payback time for the investment into Beamex calibration system.

Silkeborg Varme, Denmark

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30 Min

Reduction of time required to perform a calibration.

Salt River Project, USA

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50 %

Efficiency improvement for performing calibration procedures.

Miami-Dade WASD, USA

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We provide better ways to calibrate

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“With the Beamex solution in place, thanks to automation we have been able to cut the number of steps needed to perform a calibration, saving 15 minutes per device. While this might not sound like much on its own, it adds up to a time saving of over 4,000 hours per year – and a financial saving that runs into millions of pounds, which is astonishing.”

National Grid, UK

“The test equipment is very fast. It used to take us about two hours to carry out a verification. Now we only need half the time. Because I’m much faster, I can get through about twice as many instruments, which of course offers significant added value for the customer.”

Tratz Gastec GmbH, Germany

“The quality of Beamex products, backed by their leading-edge software, allows us to deliver the high standards of accuracy and efficiency our customers have come to expect. This is why Beamex is our calibration solution of choice.”

Slade Industries (Australia) Case Story

“Due to the great versatility of the CMX calibration software, it helps us in the planning, management, analysis and documentation stages, ensuring that we work in a safe and efficient way.”

Peñoles Quimica del Rey (Mexico) Case Story

“For its high performance, accuracy, portability, ruggedness to the field, as well as its multi range capacity due to multifunctional features. The main benefits of using Beamex products are versatility, autonomy and multifunctional capability.”

Mantención y Control Industrial SpA (Chile) Case Story

“The results have included the retirement of 80 measurement standards which saves them $18,000 annually in re certification costs, implementation of a paperless system that is intuitive and easy to learn, improved data integrity and reliability, exposure of shortfalls in calibration of mission-critical instrumentation, and time savings of up to 50% on calibration work.”

Lawrenceburg Power’s (United States) Case Story

“In collaboration with Beamex, we prepared an Excel table with the data from all the instruments. Beamex integrated this directly into the Beamex CMX software, giving us a ready-to-use system.

EDF Bouchain (France) Case Story

“Using the Beamex MC6 field calibrator and communicator for pressure calibrations has decreased the time it takes to conduct the calibration procedure itself in the field by over 80%.”

DC Water (United States) Case Story

“Since 2013, with the use of Beamex devices and CMX software, Eurotherm has been able to perform 1,800 calibrations at its DAkkS certified laboratory in Limburg. Many times that number of calibrations have been carried out across the whole of Europe.”

Eurotherm (Germany) Case Story

“What used to take three or four of us to do in the past, can be done by one, maybe
two of us now. Just the Beamex MC6 alone, is like having another
technician on staff.”

Cornell University (United States) Case Story

“With the Beamex solution, we have complete flexibility, so we can perform many calibrations in between other daily tasks. This flexibility is important in a busy workplace where more urgent tasks often arise and need to be prioritised.”

Silkeborg Varme (Denmark) Case Story

“With this software integration project, we were able to realize a significant return on investment during the first unit overhaul.”

Salt River Project (United States) Case Story

“Beamex does not cover just the equipment, but provides excellent software to
complement the instruments.”

Miami-Dade WASD (United States) Case Story

“High accuracy, ease of use, reliability and costs were also considered important factors in making the decision, and Beamex’s solution was able to meet all of the requirements.”

Essar Oil Limited (India) Case Story

“Tasks that would take a month to two months to complete, could
be performed in a few weeks.”

Alabama Power (United States) Case Story

”For the most modern brewery in the world I think it was an excellent decision to choose the best calibration management system, the Beamex CMX Calibration Software and the Beamex MC5 Multifunction Calibrator.”

Heineken (Spain) Case Story

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