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Beamex customer case story

National Grid, United Kingdom

Powering up UK gas transmission asset reliability and efficiency in partnership with National Grid

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National Grid owns the high-voltage electricity transmission network in England and Wales and owns and operates Great Britain’s gas national transmission system (NTS). The company, which employs around 23,000 people, is responsible for transporting these vital sources of energy safely and efficiently from where they are produced to where they are needed, balancing supply and demand on a day-to-day basis from its network of control rooms across the country.

It has been a phenomenal journey, and we have maintained an open, honest dialog and collaborative way of working throughout, which has certainly helped the team on our side demonstrate the true value of the Beamex solution to our management team.

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Andy Barnwell, Asset Management Systems Owner, National Grid, UK

With the Beamex solution, thanks to automation, we have cut the number of steps needed to perform a calibration, saving 15 minutes per device. While this might not sound like much on its own, it adds up to a saving of over 4,000 hours per year.

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James Jepson, Control & Instrumentation Systems Officer, National Grid, UK

Despite the challenges and the need to adapt to new ways of working, things went very smoothly. The Beamex team were really helpful and supportive from day one of the project.

Nikita Anosov, Project Manager & Scrum Master, National Grid, UK


National Grid was facing challenges on a number of fronts, with islands of data siloed across disparate systems making it difficult to monitor and accurately assess asset performance. What’s more, there was no established, standardised process for recording and storing calibration data, with technicians at individual sites often improvising their own solutions and relying on time-consuming, paper-based methods.

National Grid
Beamex CMX calibration software analytics dashboard


Centralising all their asset data in a single system will provide National Grid with the ability to thoroughly interrogate their assets and make informed decisions about maintenance procedures and schedules. “With more and better-quality asset data at our fingertips we have been able to look at saving time and costs by, for example, extending the time between inspections,” highlights Andy Barnwell.

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In terms of concrete savings, the numbers speak for themselves, as James Jepson points out: “With the Beamex solution in place, thanks to automation we have been able to cut the number of steps needed to perform a calibration, saving 15 minutes per device. While this might not sound like much on its own, it adds up to a time saving of over 4,000 hours per year – and a financial saving that runs into millions of pounds, which is astonishing,” James Jepson says.

Beamex CMX calibration management system

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