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Beamex MC6 process calibrator and PGM calibration pump

Beamex customer case story

Eurotherm, Germany

Industry-compliant calibration services for aviation and automotive manufacturing with extremely precise calibrators and documenting software

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Eurotherm is the market-leading, global supplier of solutions in control engineering, measurement technology and data recording for industrial and process customers. For 50 years now, they have provided customers around the globe with innovative solutions across a broad spectrum of vertical markets. Their international reputation as a provider is underpinned by an engineering service focused specifically on optimising companywide assets. Eurotherm has been part of the Schneider-Electric Group since 2014. After setting up a cutting-edge calibration laboratory in 2013, Eurotherm also assists customers in complying with demanding regulations. Across Europe, more than 50 people work in calibration.

The situation

Eurotherm is the gold standard in highly accurate adjustments, precise data collection and secure recording. However, companies simply cannot rely on the device information found on data sheets. Instead devices’ precision must be proven and documented. Compliance with standards such as AMS2750, CQI-9 and ISO, are only met if systems work with properly calibrated devices. That is where Eurotherm comes into the picture. Calibration is the heart of the business.

Five service technicians and three employees in the Limburg subsidiary work exclusively on appointment planning, coordination, implementation and documentation of the various calibrations (e.g. DAkkS, UKAS, ISO, Chargen). Moreover, their calibrators are also administered in Limburg. The expectation is high levels of accuracy, fail-safe operability and long-term stability from equipment. Furthermore, the calibrators must be able to communicate with devices without the need for additional interface converters.

Despite the purchase cost it is worth using high-quality calibrators. Thanks to Beamex devices we can perform DAkkS certified calibrations in our laboratories, thus meeting our customers’ quality requirements.

Andreas Heller, Head of the calibration laboratory

The solution and main benefits

Eurotherm has been active in the field of calibration for many years. The first calibrators were analogue. Later, devices sometimes had high failure rates and it took some time to get used to operating them. Because of rising customer expectations and the expansion of the range of services included a calibration laboratory, they searched for a multifaceted, universal solution covering all manner of requirements, which is what Beamex provided. For 6 years, they have used the Beamex MC5 and MC6 devices and two pressure transducers. Service technicians that perform calibrations in the field are very enthusiastic about how simple they are to use. The easy-to-follow user instructions reduce the potential for mistakes from incorrect entries. The effective communication between the Beamex MC5 and the calibrated devices, means that no additional converters are required. The resulting fast connection saves time and money.

Moreover, the Beamex calibrators’ considerable stability and reliability save time and money required to recalibrate devices, minimizing the number of replacement devices required. Andreas Heller, head of the calibration laboratory says, “despite the purchase cost it is worth using high-quality calibrators. Thanks to Beamex devices we can perform DAkkS certified calibrations in our laboratories, thus meeting our customers’ quality requirements.” In addition to Beamex calibrators, CMX calibration management software is used in the laboratory. This software features all of the functions needed for comprehensive test equipment management, including measurement uncertainty.

Moreover, the software makes it possible to monitor customers’ devices and their calibration/recalibration cycles. A traffic light function shows when the next calibration is required. The individual calibration procedures are stored for the customer’s benefit. This simplifies both the planning and performing of calibrations for both Eurotherm and their customers. The paperless management of test tools facilitates data searches and evaluations. Customers can access their data at any time via the EOS (Eurotherm Online System). EOS also provides for online processing of calibration and accreditation information; an intuitive web platform makes it possible to check the calibration status of system components; and authorised personnel can call up information quickly and easily. This allows our customers to maximise their system availability simply and effectively.


Since 2013, with the use of Beamex devices and CMX software, Eurotherm has been able to perform 1,800 calibrations at its DAkkS certified laboratory in Limburg. Many times that number of calibrations have been carried out across the whole of Europe. Paperless documentation including recalibration cycles using the CMX software offers customers a cost effective way of processing and administering data. Despite the high investment, Beamex’s calibration is the optimal solution for electrical calibrations of all sizes and pressures.

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