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Calibration Glossary

Browse our glossary of calibration-related terminology.

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Accreditation (of a laboratory)

Formal recognition by an accreditation body that a calibration or testing laboratory is able to competently perform the calibrations or tests listed in the accreditation scope document

Accreditation body

An organization that conducts laboratory accreditation evaluations in conformance to ISO Guide 58

Accreditation certificate

Document issued by an accreditation body to a laboratory that has met the conditions and criteria for accreditation

Accreditation criteria

Set of requirements used by an accrediting body that a laboratory must meet in order to be accredited

Accuracy (of a measurement)

Accuracy is a qualitative indication of how closely the result of a measurement agrees with the true value of the parameter being measured.

Accuracy (of a measuring instrument)

Accuracy is a qualitative indication of the ability of a measuring instrument to give responses close to the true value of the parameter being measured.


Software installed on a defined platform/hardware providing specific functionality.


Examination typically performed on-site of a testing or calibration laboratory to evaluate its conformance to conditions and criteria for accreditation.

Bespoke/Customized computerised system

A computerised system individually designed to suit a specific business process.

Best measurement capability

The best measurement capability for a particular quantity is the smallest uncertainty of measurement a laboratory can achieve within its scope of accreditation


Bias is the known systematic error of a measuring instrument.


It is the process of verifying the capability and performance of an item of measuring and test equipment by comparison to traceable measurement standards.

Calibration activity or provider

A laboratory or facility – including personnel – that perform calibrations in an established location or at customer location(s).

Calibration certificate

A calibration certificate is generally a document that states that a specific item was calibrated by an organization.

Calibration procedure

A calibration procedure is a controlled document that provides a validated method for evaluating and verifying the essential performance characteristics, specifications, or tolerances for a model of measuring or testing equipment.

Calibration program

A calibration program is a process of the quality management system that includes management of the use and control of calibrated inspection, and test and measuring equipment (IM&TE), and the process of calibrating IM&TE used to determine conformance to requirements or used in supporting activities.

Calibration report

A calibration report is a document that provides details of the calibration of an item.

Calibration seal

A calibration seal is a device, placard, or label that, when removed or tampered with, and by virtue of its design and material, clearly indicates tampering.

Calibration standard

A calibration standard is an IM&TE item, artifact, standard reference material, or measurement transfer standard that is designated as being used only to perform calibrations of other IM&TE items.

Combined standard uncertainty

The standard uncertainty of the result of a measurement, when that result is obtained from the values of a number of other quantities.