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Beamex MC6 advanced field calibrator and communicator

Beamex MC6

Advanced Field Calibrator and Communicator

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Combining advanced functionality with ease of use

Execute calibrations automatically, capture data digitally at source, and store calibration results securely. The Beamex MC6 is a high-accuracy field calibrator that offers calibration capabilities for pressure, temperature, and various electrical signals. It is also a multi-bus field communicator for fieldbus instruments.

High accuracy

The MC6 is a reliable and stable calibrator with unmatched accuracy for demanding industrial conditions. Each MC6 is delivered with a traceable, accredited calibration certificate as standard as proof of its accuracy.

Advanced functionality

The MC6 is a multifunction calibrator and multi-bus communicator with calibration capabilities for pressure, temperature, and various electrical signals. The MC6 offers a lot of useful features that support your calibration process and it can even perform fully automatic calibrations. It also offers versatile functionalities beyond traditional calibration applications.

Enhanced usability

The MC6 offers several intuitive user interface modes that are optimized for different use cases and available in multiple languages. The calibrator guides you step-by-step in your calibration work.

Field communicator

The MC6 contains a multi-bus field communicator for HART, FOUNDATION Fieldbus, and Profibus PA protocols to calibrate, configure, and trim your smart instruments. All three protocols can be enabled simultaneously.

Digital data flow

The MC6 is a documenting calibrator that communicates with Beamex calibration management software, enabling a fully digitalized calibration process.

Beamex MC6 advanced process calibrator

Measurement, generation and simulation capabilities

  • Pressure measurement (internal/external pressure modules)
  • Voltage measurement (±1 V and −1…60 VDC)
  • Current measurement (±100 mA) (internal or external supply)
  • Frequency measurement (0…50 kHz)
  • Pulse counting (0…10 Mpulse)
  • Switch state sensing (dry/wet switch)
  • Built-in 24 VDC loop supply (low impedance, HART impedance or FF/PA impedance)
  • Voltage generation ( ±1 V and −3…24 VDC)
  • Current generation (0…55 mA) (active/passive, i.e. Internal or external supply)
  • Resistance measurement, two simultaneous channels (0…4 kΩ)
  • Resistance simulation (0…4 kΩ)
  • RTD measurement, two simultaneous channels
  • RTD simulation
  • TC measurement, two simultaneous channels (universal connector/mini-plug)
  • TC simulation
  • Frequency generation (0…50 kHz)
  • Pulse queue generation (0…10 Mpulse)
  • HART communicator
  • FOUNDATION Fieldbus communicator
  • Profibus PA communicator

(Some functions are optional)

General specifications

Display5.7” Diagonal 640 x 480 TFT LCD module
Touch panel5-wire resistive touch screen
KeyboardMembrane keyboard
BacklightLED backlight, adjustable brightness
WeightExtended case: 1.5…2.0 kg (3.3…4.4 lb) Flat case: 1.5 kg (3.3 lb)
DimensionsExtended case: 200 mm × 230 mm × 70 mm (D × W × H) ( 7.87 in × 9.06 in × 2.76 in)
Flat case: 200 mm × 230 mm × 57 mm (D × W × H) ( 7.87 in × 9.06 in × 2.24 in)
Battery typeRechargeable lithium-ion polymer, 4200 mAh, 11.1V
Charging timeApproximately 4 hours
Charger supply100…240 VAC, 50–60 Hz
Battery operation10…16 hours
Operating temperature−10…45 °C (14…113 °F)
Operating temperature while charging batteries0…30 °C (32…86 °F)
Storage temperature−20…60 °C (−4…140 °F)
Specifications valid−10…45 °C, unless other mentioned
Humidity0…80% R.H. non condensing
Warmup timeSpecifications valid after a 5 minute warmup period.
Max. input voltage30 V AC, 60 V DC
Display update rate3 readings/second
Safety Directive 2014/35/EU, EN 61010-1:2010 + A1:2019 + AC:2019-04
EMC Directive 2014/30/EU, EN IEC 61326-1:2021
Ingress protectionIP65
RoHS compliance ROHS II Directive 2011/65/EU, EN IEC 63000:2018
DropIEC 60068-2-32. 1 meter (3.28 ft)
VibrationIEC 60068-2-64. Random, 2 g, 5…500 Hz
Max altitude3,000 m (9,842 ft)

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Ready for the field

As a multifunction calibrator with built-in field communicator, the MC6 can replace several single-function devices, meaning you have less to carry in the field.

It is light, ergonomic, and robust as well as water and dust-proof (IP65). The MC6 is equipped with a durable rechargeable battery with up to two working days of operating time.

It offers a large (5.7”) multilingual touchscreen user interface that can be easily used with bare fingers, gloved hands, or any stylus.

Man carrying Beamex MC6 advanced process calibrator
Beamex MC6 Advanced Field Calibrator and Communicator

A better way to calibrate

The MC6 is a high-accuracy calibrator that ensures accurate measurements and low calibration uncertainty. Each MC6 is calibrated in the Beamex Accredited Calibration Laboratory, making your field calibrations traceable.

It documents all your calibrations without any manual typing or use of pen and paper and automatically performs error calculation and pass/fail analysis.

Use the MC6 together with a Beamex ePG electric pressure pump or other supported pressure controllers or temperature dry blocks for fully automatic pressure and temperature calibrations. For automatic temperature calibrations, the MC6-T Temperature Calibrator and Communicator is the ideal choice.

Glatt Air calibration technician using Beamex MC6 calibrator.

Instead of carrying as many as 30 different pieces of equipment in the field, technicians now only need one – the Beamex MC6.

Read the full case story >

Jason DePalma, Supervisor of Engineering Services, Glatt Air Techniques, US

Using the Beamex MC6 field calibrator and communicator for pressure calibrations has decreased the time it takes to conduct the calibration procedure itself in the field by over 80%.

Bill Adams, Process Control Systems Specialist, DC Water, US

What used to take three or four of us to do in the past, can be done by one, maybe two of us. Just the Beamex MC6, alone is like having another technician on staff.

Read the full case story >

Kristopher Welfel, Senior Instrument and Control Technician, Cornell University Central Energy Plant, US

The Beamex MC6 calibrator has allowed my team to go from 10 calibrations per day to 25. This has doubled the number of customers we are able to service each week.

The Beamex MC6 has also allowed me to replace a cart full of equipment with 1 calibrator that does it all.

Antonia Vega, Calibration Superviser, NECI, US

Digital data flow

The MC6 is a documenting calibrator that digitally captures data at source and ensures a secure data flow between the calibrator and Beamex LOGiCAL or CMX Calibration Management Software.

As a communicator, it even enables digital communication with smart field instruments. The seamless data flow between products delivers efficiency and high-quality data.

Use calibration management software to manage what, how, and when to calibrate, and execute the calibration with the MC6 according to your pre-configured calibration procedure – even fully automatically. Maintain the full calibration history in LOGiCAL or CMX.

This solution provides accurate measurements and traceable, reliable, and reusable data that can be used for analysis, reporting and calibration certificates.

Beamex calibration laboratory

Sustainable by design

Sustainability is a core component of the Beamex design philosophy. We want you to continue using your calibrators for many years, so they are designed to have a long service life and to be as easy as possible to repair, maintain, and upgrade.

Our world-leading experts can help you to get the most out of your calibrator throughout its entire lifecycle with calibration and repair services, training, and calibration consultancy.  

To meet your changing needs, our products are constantly evolving. Firmware updates provide new features or performance improvements, and you can also upgrade your existing products with new modules or software functionalities. Accessories are quickly and easily available in the Beamex Webshop.

User interface modes

A calibrator should have advanced functionality yet remain easy to use, which is why the MC6 offers several user interface modes that are optimized for different use cases. For example, if you only want to measure something quickly and easily, use the Meter mode. If you want to perform automatic calibrations, use the Documenting Calibrator mode.

Beamex MC6 advanced process calibrator

Documenting Calibrator

The Documenting Calibrator mode is designed for the documented and automated calibration of process instruments.

In today’s process plants, calibrations often have to be documented – without a documenting calibrator, this must be done manually, which takes a lot of precious time and is prone to errors.

With the Documenting Calibrator mode, the calibration process is guided, and the calibrator can automatically set the calibration points and document the results.

The Documenting Calibrator mode also works together with calibration management software.

Beamex MC6 advanced process calibrator


The Calibrator mode is designed for calibrating various process instruments. It enables you to measure or simulate two signals at a time.

Often you need to check and calibrate process instruments, which typically have an input and an output. This means you either need two devices, or a single device capable of doing two things simultaneously.

The Calibrator mode is optimized for this type of use.

Beamex MC6 advanced process calibrator

Data Logger

The Data Logger is designed for logging up to nine measurements simultaneously.

Often in industry, there is a need to measure signals for a certain period and to save the results for later analysis. This may be related to troubleshooting, surveillance, or calibration.

The data log results can be displayed in numerical or graphical view, and results can be transferred to a PC for further analysis.

The Data Logger mode is optimized for this type of use.

Beamex MC6 advanced process calibrator


The Communicator mode is designed to communicate with fieldbus instruments.

In today’s process plants, smart instrumentation is being used to an increasing degree, so engineers need to use communicators or configuration software. Most of this instrumentation is HART, FOUNDATION Fieldbus, or Profibus PA.

The Communicator mode is optimized for communicator use to calibrate, configure, and trim your smart instruments.

Beamex MC6 advanced process calibrator


The Meter mode is designed for quick and easy signal measurement.

Some multifunction calibrators are slow and difficult to use, so a simple multi-meter is used for quick measurements.

The Meter mode is optimized for simple and easy metering, meaning one calibrator can be used for all measurements.

Beamex MC6 videos

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