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Beamex CMX calibration software analytics dashboard

A better way to analyze your calibration data – CMX Analytics Dashboard

Beamex / Videos / A better way to analyze your calibration data – CMX Analytics Dashboard

If you’re already using the Beamex CMX calibration management software, chances are you know what a great tool it is for staying on top of everything related to your calibration work and assets.

You also know that calibration generates a huge amount of data – This is data that you might not be using to its full potential as gathering it together into reports and making it look fancy is a time-consuming and complicated task.

But what if you could easily bring this vast resource of valuable information to life, and put it to work to help you plan better, cut costs, and make your calibration work even more efficient?

With CMX Analytics Dashboard, you can. It’s an optional add-on to CMX that brings your calibration-related data together in a powerful visual reporting tool that you can use to analyze trends, follow up on KPIs, improve work planning – and more.

On the move? No problem. CMX Analytics Dashboard works just as well on your smartphone as it does on your laptop. Let’s take a closer look at what it can do.

Using Microsoft Power BI, CMX Analytics Dashboard visualizes the data from your CMX database to clear, easy-to-read reports.

Perhaps you want to know what calibrations have been performed and what your calibration team’s workload looks like, so you can make better use of the resources you have? Maybe you want to check up on how uncertainty might be affecting the results of your calibrations, or make sure your reference standards are fully traceable. Or you might want a quick overview of which calibrators have been used and when they’re due for recalibration, so you can plan more effectively and make sure everything gets done on time.

And if you’re interested in predictive maintenance, you probably want to be able to drill down into the historical performance of your assets so you can optimize calibration intervals – and save time and money in the process. With CMX Analytics Dashboard you can do all of these things. It’s a smarter way to run your calibrations – and your business – from your partner for calibration excellence.

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