POC6 Pressure Controlller

The Beamex POC6 is an automatic pressure controller. It uses a pressure and vacuum supply and controls the output pressure fast and very accurately.

POC6 can be used locally with its own touch-screen, or controller by the Beamex MC6 calibrator and CMX calibration software for fully automatic calibration of pressure instruments, such as pressure transmitters.

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Beamex PG Calibration Pumps

Beamex PG calibration hand pumps are for easy generation of pressure for any pressure calibrations. The PG family contains several pumps dedicated for different purpose, such as vacuum pump, a low pressure pump, a combi pump (pressure & vacuum), a high pressure pump.

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Beamex MCS200 Calibration Bench

Beamex MCS200 is a modular test and calibration bench for workshop and laboratories.

For pressure controlling there are different options with MCS200. You can have the panel mounted version of the POC6 pressure controller installed in the bench. You can also have various different pressure controlling modules for different pressure ranges in the bench.

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