What is it with a company that is not from Silicon Valley but from Pietarsaari, but still is a benchmark in the calibration industry and has only a small team on board. What is it? Is it the product or is it something else? I think it’s really, and I can feel it now – it’s the community, it’s the Beamex community. It’s dedicated people who know what they are doing.

Patrik Wikström, former Chairman of the board, at Beamex 40th anniversary (August 2015)

Our success is based on skilled, motivated and satisfied employees.

We serve leading industrial corporations in more than 80 countries around the world and our mission is to create better ways to calibrate for the global calibration industry. Therefore the Beamex working culture is driven by a global mindset, high commitment and achieving sustainable results through uncompromised quality. Our employees are empowered to make an impact and to exceed expectations. In return, we are committed to rewarding our employees fairly for their contributions, and doing everything possible to motivate and engage them. To see how well the company is performing in these matters, Beamex regularly asks for feedback through employee satisfaction studies and development discussions.

Beamex employees

There is a reason why the average length of employment
at Beamex is over 12 years.

We value and respect diversity – and that is why we employ people with very diverse skills, backgrounds and ambitions. We believe in equal opportunities and we want to support our employees in finding their own path within Beamex. That is why we offer a range of personal development possibilities, such as training and development, career advancement, and opportunities for job rotation, to support our employees throughout their career and help them remain highly motivated and engaged.


We believe that fun is an important part of work.
That is why we have Team Beamex.

Team Beamex arranges trips, culture and sports events, as well as parties for Beamex employees, because we believe that having fun as a team, enjoying coming to work and forming strong bonds with colleagues encourages high performance. We also recognize that work life is just one part of our employees’ life. That is why we strive to create a work–life balance that is both satisfying and fulfilling, by supporting our employees’ well-being by subsidizing gym and other sporting expenses as well as various cultural expenses.

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