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Beamex CMX

Calibration Management Software

All-in-one calibration solution

Beamex CMX Calibration Management Software helps you to manage your instrumentation assets safely and to plan and execute calibrations efficiently, even in highly regulated industries. All calibration results are permanently stored to maintain a full calibration history, and data is easily available for analysis and reporting, as well as for generating calibration certificates.

Instrument management

CMX provides versatile tools for instrument creation. Arrange your instruments hierarchically according to plant structure and use the predefined function templates to create calibration procedures to guide how and when the instruments should be calibrated.

Role-based access control

You can set up authentication and require passwords for users. User-group permissions ensure that only authorized users can access the system to perform defined operations.

Reference management

Manage your references with calibration intervals and uncertainty specifications to ensure that a valid reference is used. For Beamex calibrators, specifications are automatically added by CMX.

Digital data flow

CMX communicates seamlessly with Beamex documenting calibrators and the Beamex bMobile Calibration Application, enabling you to execute and document calibrations automatically.

Guided calibration process

CMX and supported mobile solutions guide your workers throughout the entire calibration execution process to ensure that all calibrations are performed according to predefined procedures and methods.

Uncertainty calculation

CMX calculates the combined expanded uncertainty for each calibration point in your calibration results.

Full calibration history

Calibration data is permanently stored and available for analysis, reporting, and audits as, well as for generating calibration certificates.

Regulatory compliance management

With CMX you can track all changes made to your calibration database. CMX fulfills the requirements of 21 CFR Part 11 and other relevant regulations for electronic records, electronic signatures, and data integrity.

Control over calibration execution

Patented Beamex Mobile Security Plus technology ensures calibration data integrity even when executing calibrations offline with supported mobile solutions. CMX can control the entire calibration execution process. Users are authenticated both in CMX and when using supported mobile solutions, and deviations from the defined process are controlled.

Work order automation

CMX can also be connected to a maintenance management system (ERP or CMMS) with Beamex Business Bridge. Calibrations can be scheduled as part of overall maintenance scheduling in your ERP or CMMS and calibration work orders can be handled and completed with CMX.

Maintenance inspections

CMX supports planning, scheduling, execution, and digital documentation of various maintenance inspection activities. The inspections are planned in CMX and executed using the Beamex bMobile Calibration Application.

Weighing instrument calibrations

Weighing instrument calibration functionality is based on international guidelines and standards from EURAMET, OIML, and NIST. It covers eccentricity tests, repeatability tests, weighing tests, and minimum capability weighing tests. The calibration can be executed in CMX or the Beamex bMobile Calibration Application.

Advanced instrument management

The Data Loader offers a quick and easy way to add or edit large numbers of instruments in your CMX database, saving time, reducing the risk of typing errors, and promoting high-quality and harmonized data. With Business Bridge, the plant structure and instrument identification info can also be synced from your maintenance management systems (ERP or CMMS).


CMX can be configured based on your needs, including user groups and permissions, installation, settings, and a variety of optional functionalities. You can also design customized reports and calibration certificates, as well as configure the user interface to suit your needs

CMX is available with different licenses and installation options to suit everyone, from small companies to large multi-site enterprises. It can be delivered as an on-premises or cloud-based installation.

CMX Professional

CMX Professional is a highly configurable solution that can be customized to fit a wide range of needs. The standard functionality includes all CMX main features, and optional advanced features are also available. CMX Professional is available as a workstation or floating server installation.

CMX Enterprise

CMX Enterprise is an all-in-one calibration solution for large, multi-site companies. It includes all CMX main and advanced features as standard and is fit for even the most highly regulated industries. CMX Enterprise is a floating server installation that offers maximum flexibility and productivity.

Cloud installation

CMX Professional or Enterprise can also be used in cloud services such as Microsoft Azure. This offers easier IT management and allows the solution to be efficiently scaled to new sites and accessed from anywhere.

Find user manuals and brochures

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A better way to calibrate

CMX helps you to manage your instrumentation assets safely and plan and execute all calibration work efficiently, even in highly regulated industries.

CMX guides the entire calibration process step-by-step, even when calibrating in the field, to ensure your process is traceable, consistent, and repeatable every time.

CMX permanently stores calibration results with calculated uncertainties, so you have the full traceable calibration history available. Standardizing and automating the calibration process reduces risks and improves efficiency.

Beamex CMX calibration management software with analytics dashboard.
Calibration software - Beamex CMX cloud installation

Digital data flow

Use CMX with Beamex documenting calibrators or the bMobile Calibration Application to capture data digitally at the measurement source and to store calibration results securely, even when offline in the field.

With Beamex Business Bridge, CMX can be connected to leading maintenance management systems, such as SAP or IBM Maximo to minimize duplicate work and the risk of human error. Calibrations can be scheduled as a part of overall maintenance scheduling in your ERP or CMMS, and calibration work orders can be handled and completed with CMX.

You can create a completely digital flow of high-quality, reliable calibration data throughout your business.

Customer success stories with Beamex CMX

1 year

Pay-back time on calibration solution investment

AstraZeneca Ab, Sweden

Read case story >

50 %

Efficiency improvement of calibration procedures

Peñoles Quimica del Rey, Mexico

Read case story >


Hours saved on calibrations per year

National Grid, UK

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Fit for highly regulated industries

Data integrity and effective change management are vital in highly regulated industries, like the pharmaceutical industry. High-quality calibration data is critical to ensure end-product quality, regulatory compliance, and ultimately patient safety.

With CMX you can track all changes made to your calibration database and fulfill the requirements of 21 CFR Part 11 and other relevant regulations for electronic records, electronic signatures, and data integrity.

Meet the Beamex pharma user group with Novartis, GlaxoSmithKline, Boehringer-Ingelheim, AstraZeneca, and more >

Beamex CMX calibration software for the most regulated industries.
Beamex CMX calibration software decorative image.

Work smarter with data-enabled decisions

The reliable, traceable, and reusable calibration data in your CMX database is your company’s most valuable calibration asset – and you can use it to drive continuous improvement.

CMX helps you optimize calibration intervals, reduce costs by eliminating unnecessary calibrations, and you can identify potentially problematic trends before they lead to a failure that could impact production.

The CMX Analytics Dashboard helps you to get even more value from your calibration data by providing an easy-to-use visual summary of your calibration KPIs, so you can further optimize your calibration activities.

Get a flying start with Beamex CMX calibration management software

See how CMX manages your instrumentation assets safely and helps you plan and execute calibrations. Learn from Beamex experts about CMX advanced features and our comprehensive onboarding experience.

Evolving lifecycle solution

Our customized, knowledge-based expert services support you at every stage of the solution lifecycle to ensure you deliver compliance and get the most out of CMX. Our experts evaluate your current process and identify room for improvement. We help you define and implement your solution and we ensure seamless adoption with comprehensive support during go-live.

A Beamex Software Service Agreement will keep CMX and your business running reliably. You get access to the latest innovations and performance improvements, so your software evolves with your operations.

Beamex CMX analytics dashboard

What our customers say

We chose Beamex as we feel the company is the industry leader when it comes to instrumentation calibration solutions. In addition, the majority of our clients use CMX software as their instrumentation database.

Michael Slade, Managing Director of Slade Industries

With the Beamex solution, thanks to automation, we have cut the number of steps needed to perform a calibration, saving 15 minutes per device. While this might not sound like much on its own, it adds up to a saving of over 4,000 hours per year.

Read the full case story >

James Jepson, Control & Instrumentation Systems Officer, National Grid, UK
Beamex industrial picture with calibration software being used

For the most modern brewery in the world I think it was an excellent decision to choose the best calibration management system, the Beamex CMX calibration software and Beamex multifunction calibrators.

Read the full case story >

Armando Rivero Rubalcaba, Head of Instrumentation, Heineken, Spain

Customer and regulatory audits have been heavily supported by Beamex functionality, always successful and heavily praised for its content we have had not a single issue with the data presented, viewed or reported on both internally and externally to FDA level.

Paul Dixon, E&I Maintenance Manager, Sterling Pharma Solutions, UK

Beamex has become our one stop shop for all our calibration requirements, it has streamlined the whole calibration process and helps to monitor and maintain compliance on site.

Paul O’Sullivan, Engineering Planner, Zoetis, Ireland

With the Beamex system, we now have all the calibration data stored digitally. Before this was stored on an external server. But now they are more concretely “our data” and can in the long term be even further integrated into our overall maintenance system if we decide to expand our software solution.

Read the full case story >

Anders Ole Jensen, Engineer and Instrument Technician, Silkeborg Varme, Denmark

CMX can provide a reliable calibration database with history functions, and therefore it´s a great tool to improve the efficiency of calibration functions. And of course, it was a huge improvement when it was possible to turn to paperless calibration documentation with CMX. It´s easy to use and maintain, and product support from vendor is first class.

Orion, Finland

Information is available at your fingertips in order to make quick decisions about the overall calibration status of instrumentation. Technicians focus on their work without the hassle of paper and other distractions. CMX has proved to be both robust and reliable without much required maintenance.

Boehringer Ingelheim, US

The pharma industry is highly regulated, so it’s an exciting step to move to paperless calibration management in the cloud. CMX ensures we comply with all relevant GxP regulations and removes the risk of manual error. Working in the cloud with Azure gives us access to new technologies and enhanced performance that further improve the user experience.

Don Brady, Tech Engineering Product Manager, GlaxoSmithKline Ltd, Ireland

Why choose CMX?


Easy-to-use guided calibration.

Automated alerts and instructions for executing calibrations.

Store all calibration results quickly and easily.

Perform maintenance inspections in the field.


Be confident in an efficient and well-documented calibration process.

Reduce the time required for calibration.

Cut production downtime.

Decrease the total cost of calibration.

Minimize the risk of non-compliance

Quality and compliance

No more human errors.

Ensure regulatory compliance with e.g. ISO 9001, FDA, GMP/ GAMP, 21 CFR Part 11.

Create, manage, and store calibration data safely in an electronic database.

Analyze whether you need to increase or decrease calibration frequency.

Advanced CMX applications

Phamaceutical Industry

Maintenance inspections

All process plants need to carry out various regular inspections, and working with pen and paper makes the process error-prone and labor-intensive. CMX helps you plan, schedule, execute, and digitally document maintenance inspection activities.

Inspections are planned in CMX and executed using the bMobile application, with data captured digitally at the measurement source. An electronic signature can be used to ensure data integrity. Once complete, results are synced back to CMX for analysis and reporting.

Watch the maintenance inspections and bMobile video >

Weighing instrument calibration

CMX includes feature-rich func­tion­al­ity for the calibration of weighing instruments, based on standards from EURAMET, OIML, and NIST. It covers ec­cent­ri­city tests, re­peat­ab­il­ity tests, weighing tests, and minimum capability tests.

Cal­ib­ra­tions can be executed in CMX or offline with the bMobile application. The optional security features ensure data integrity, making CMX an ideal solution for highly regulated industries.

How to calibrate weighing instruments >

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