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Expert Services

Beamex experts support you throughout the solution lifecycle.

Beamex Calibration Solutions Group

Your partner for calibration excellence

Technology alone does not provide a better way to execute and manage your calibrations, unless it is adapted to your specific needs. To maximize your return on investment and minimize risks related to technology selection and implementation, it is essential to choose the right partner.

The Beamex team of experienced, world-leading specialists will guide you throughout the solution lifecycle, from definition to daily operation, and help you get the most out of Beamex calibration technology. Our expertise is based on understanding regulations and industry best practices, and we will help you implement and continuously improve your calibration program.

Experience a better way to improve your calibration process

Beamex experts advise you by evaluating your current calibration process and identifying room for improvement to help you become more effective.

Based on your industrial environment and unique operations, we define the perfect calibration technology and implementation services to fit your needs.

Beamex delivers more than technology. From design, to migration and validation, our experts ensure that the technology delivers a better process.

To ensure seamless adoption, we will guide your team so that your new calibration solution becomes an integral part of your daily operations.

Beamex expert services
Calibration Solutions Group

With empathy to excellence – The secret to great customer service

We discuss the vital role of empathy, understanding, and a human touch in delivering exceptional customer service – before diving into more details about how Beamex Calibration Solutions Group can help you find a better way to calibrate.

Comprehensive delivery services

System design

Beamex calibration technology enables durable, scalable and highly con­fig­ur­able solutions, that solve the diverse challenges of the process industries.

Our experts provide your team with an overall un­der­stand­ing of your solution and its pos­sib­il­it­ies. We then design and document how to configure the solution to optimize your processes and meet your unique re­quire­ments.

Data migration

High-quality data from your in­stru­ment­a­tion assets is the basis for the automation and di­git­iz­a­tion of cal­ib­ra­tions.

We guide you on how to collect, harmonize, and supplement your existing instrument data so it meets your new re­quire­ments. Our data migration service ensures your instrument database is ready for calibration.

System integration

Beamex experts guide you in defining the process flow of connected systems. Beamex Business Bridge is our con­fig­ur­able solution for connecting with maintenance management systems, such as SAP or IBM Maximo.

For data to flow smoothly from one system to another, both systems need to be adjusted and we help you define and document your integration.

System validation

Regulated industries often need system validation to provide documented evidence that the calibration system has been installed correctly (IQ), functions as intended (OQ), and meets your needs (PQ).

We can support you by creating a detailed and accurate validation plan and by performing the validation reliably.

Adoption services to maximize lifecycle benefits

SOP development

Especially in regulated industries, your calibration process must be documented carefully. Beamex specialists offer end-to-end process mapping and develop your SOPs to ensure your processes are sys­tem­at­ized, compliant, and re­spons­ib­il­it­ies are defined.

Solution training

We train your end users with customized training according to your operating environment. With our train-the-trainer services, Beamex experts train your subject matter experts so you have the right training cap­ab­il­it­ies in house.


Our experienced specialists ensure seamless adoption of Beamex technology until your new solution becomes an integral part of your daily operations. We will assist you every step of the way and resolve any issues immediately.

System modi­fic­a­tion

As your regulatory and operational environment changes, Beamex experts implement the necessary system modi­fic­a­tions to ensure your calibration solution evolves over its entire lifecycle.

What our customers say

It has been a phenomenal journey, and we have maintained an open, honest dialog and a collaborative way of working throughout, which has certainly helped the team on our side demonstrate the true value of the Beamex solution to our management team.

Andy Barnwell, Asset Management Systems Owner, National Grid, UK

Senior management had plenty of questions that needed answering before they gave the green light to purchase the equipment and software. Beamex helped me get the
answers I needed through support resources, videos, webinars, and information from their website.

Kevin, Instrumentation Superintendent, Wastewater facility, US

Despite the challenges and the need to adapt to new ways of working, things went very smoothly. The Beamex team were really helpful and supportive from day one of the project.

Nikita Anosov, Project Manager & Scrum Master, National Grid, UK

Beamex was very proactive in organising online training, but uptake was less than we expected because they are so easy to use that instead of asking basic questions during training, our technicians were teaching themselves and quizzing the Beamex team on in-depth issues instead.

Read the full case story >

James Jepson, Control & Instrumentation Systems Officer, National Grid, UK

In our view Beamex solutions offered the best feature set out there for the price. We were also impressed with the strength and depth of their customer support, particularly on the technical side.

Matthew Lewis, Project Manager, OCU Hornbill

We are very happy with the equipment and support we’ve received from Beamex. As our partner for calibration excellence, they have helped us from the beginning, supporting us to choose the right solution. Not only does everything work as promised, Beamex has also provided us with several training sessions to ensure that our calibration process runs smoothly.

Damian Williams Guibert, Instrumentation and Control Specialist, HIF Global

The experience of working with Beamex has been great – the products are working exactly as advertised and the support has been excellent. Before this, we had a manual calibration process. Beamex’s automated processes are a real game changer for us.

Robert Kinkopf, Vice President, Paquin Sensors

Solution onboarding

The Beamex team of experienced specialists will guide you throughout the solution lifecycle, from initial introduction to daily operation, enabled by our proven onboarding model.

Solution delivery and adoption services are available for both CMX and LOGiCAL and the basic onboarding follows the same path – system introduction, design, data migration, training and hypercare.

We work closely with your team to make sure you get the most out of Beamex calibration technology.

Beamex software onboarding

Get a flying start with Beamex calibration management software

Beamex experts are here to show you CMX and LOGiCAL in action. We can advise you on the right solution to fit your unique environment and introduce you to our comprehensive onboarding experience.

Beamex calibration workshop in Houston

Workshop, classroom and online training services

Training with Beamex calibration experts ensures you have the necessary skills to utilize your calibration solution to its fullest potential. You can improve your knowledge of calibration processes and solutions and increase your productivity.

Beamex training services range from hands-on workshops and classroom lectures to online training and e-learning. Our international partners can offer training in your local language. In addition to standardized courses, we also offer customized training based on your specific needs.

Get more info and pricing for Beamex training >

Beamex support services

Our dedicated team are always ready to support you every step of the way. Beamex Support Services aim to offer the best possible customer experience to Beamex customers worldwide.

We pride ourselves on effortless and excellent service and aim to solve cases as quickly as possible. The online Beamex support portal is the fastest and easiest way for our customers to contact us for help anytime, anywhere in the world.

Read how National Grid UK worked with Beamex experts >


Software Service Agreements

A calibration solution is a long-term investment, and a Software Service agreement (SSA) helps you maximize the return on that investment. For Beamex CMX customers, a Beamex SSA helps to keep your CMX Calibration Management Software, and your business, running reliably, with access to the latest innovations and updates.

Our Beamex SSA customers receive priority service, and Beamex Support Services works closely with Expert Services, Customer Success, and Sales to provide full lifecycle service for all stakeholders. We are your partner for calibration excellence.

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