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Beamex customer case story

HIF Global, Chile

Making eFuels and decarbonisation a reality

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HIF is a global eFuels company with a focus on providing the products to make decarbonisation possible. HIF Chile is already producing eFuels in the Haru Oni demonstration facility in the Magallanes region, harnessing the Patagonian wind to power the plant. Beamex calibrators and software are a key part of ensuring a better way to calibrate and a better way to a sustainable future through a safer, more efficient process.

We are very happy with the equipment and support we’ve received from Beamex. As our partner for calibration excellence, they have helped us from the beginning, supporting us to choose the right solution. Not only does everything work as promised, Beamex has also provided us with several training sessions to ensure that our calibration process runs smoothly.

Damian Williams Guibert, Instrumentation and Control Specialist, HIF Global

The first eFuel plant in the world

HIF’s Haru Oni plant is the first operational eFuels facility in the world, producing sustainable fuels that can be used in existing gas-powered vehicles. The plant uses renewable energy and a process called electrolysis to produce green hydrogen. This is combined with CO2 captured from a biogenic source to produce eFuels. These fuels include carbon-neutral gasoline and liquefied gas.

The plant is located in the Patagonia region in Chile to take advantage of one of the windiest places on earth – meaning the power that supplies the plant is both reliable and 100% renewable. The plant also has easy access to the Pacific and Atlantic oceans for exporting its sustainable eFuels.

Beamex calibrators help HIF experience a better way to calibrate

In order to ensure process efficiency and safety, equipment at the Haru Oni plant needs to be calibrated to the highest standard. The plant uses the Beamex MC6 Advanced Field Calibrator and Communicator to do this. The Beamex MC6 is a high-accuracy field calibrator that offers calibration capabilities for pressure, temperature, and various electrical signals. The MC6 is designed to ensure accurate measurements and low calibration uncertainty. The device documents all calibrations without the need for manual typing or pen and paper and automatically performs error calculation and pass/fail analysis.

The plant also uses Beamex CMX Calibration Management Software. This helps them to manage all instrumentation assets safely and to plan and execute calibrations as efficiently as possible. All calibration results are permanently stored to maintain a full calibration history, and data is easily available for analysis and reporting, as well as for generating calibration certificates.

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Expert support and advice for HIF

As part of making sure HIF Chile got the right equipment for their needs, Beamex experts analyzed the plant’s process to define the best calibration technology and services. To ensure proper use of the solution, Beamex arranged several training sessions for the calibration staff. Beamex also documented how to configure the solution to optimize their processes and meet the needed requirements.

The end result is properly calibrated instruments that help ensure a smooth process for producing eFuels at the plant. HIF Global is already looking to the future and plans to build a new plant to further scale up the production of eFuels – and help decarbonise transport in the process.

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