Beamex Service Portal makes it easy to ask for a calibration quotation or return a unit with a valid Beamex Care Plan contract.
Beamex Care Plan is an easy way to maintain the accuracy and reliability of your Beamex measuring equipment throughout its lifetime.


Beamex calibration and services

Beamex Accredited Calibration Laboratories

Beamex Care Plan

Learn how to return equipment to Beamex for service or calibration.

Contents of Beamex recalibration

  • Accredited calibration and Calibration Certificate.

  • Pass/fail results are indicated on the calibration certificate. The deviations are analyzed on your behalf.

  • If there are deviations, the calibrator is also adjusted (as-found/as-left results).

  • Calibration points are optimized for Beamex devices, to make sure that the device is thoroughly tested on all relevant ranges.

  • Drifts in accuracy will be noticed and countered with pre-emptive adjustments to ensure the continued accuracy of the device.

  • With an automated recalibration process, the turnaround is faster and less prone to human error.

  • Turnaround time at the Beamex factory is normally 4-8 days (average 6 days).

  • Repair checks ensure that broken devices are not recalibrated until repaired.

  • Cleaning of the device.

  • Free firmware and DD (device description) updates.

  • Any warranty issues occurring during recalibration will be dealt with.

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Beamex offers high-quality equipment repair and spare parts services at our facilities in Pietarsaari, Finland, to customers with Beamex calibration equipment.

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