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Beamex Business Bridge

Connect calibration and maintenance management systems

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Beamex Business Bridge

Connect for efficiency

Beamex Business Bridge is a commercial configurable off-the-shelf solution for connecting Beamex CMX Calibration Management Software and maintenance management systems, such as SAP or IBM Maximo.

With this connection you can minimize duplicate work and eliminate human typing errors, as data only needs to be entered and kept up-to-date in one place.

With Beamex Business Bridge, you can create a completely digital flow of calibration data throughout your business.

How it works

When you create calibration work orders in your maintenance management system, work orders are sent automatically to CMX calibration software via Beamex Business Bridge.

With CMX calibrations are executed and results stored in your calibration database. Once calibrations are successfully completed, an acknowledgement and summary are sent back to your maintenance management system to close the work order.

There’s no printing of papers or manual work, as all data flows digitally. This means no errors related to manual processes and significant efficiency gains.

Why connect calibration and maintenance management systems?

Make better decisions

A secure digital flow of calibration data between systems helps you to optimize processes. Centralized data makes it easy to retrieve, inspect, analyze, and make data-enabled decisions.

Efficiency – complete work orders faster

Connecting with Business Bridge eliminates manual data entry, while automating the data flow eliminates duplicate work and saves time.

Improve data integrity

Stop manually entering data into multiple systems. A completely digital flow of traceable and reliable calibration data throughout your business improves data integrity and ensures compliance.

With SAP connected to our CMX calibration management software, our calibration technicians no longer need to go into SAP at all, and they no longer need SAP licenses. This improves our techs’ lives and saves us money.

The most significant impact overall is that Salt River Project has been able to save about 30 minutes per calibration using an automated approach. Calibration tasks that would normally take a month to two months to complete during a unit overhaul can be performed in a few weeks, and time is money.

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Jody Damron, Business Analyst, Salt River Project, US

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