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Glatt Air calibration technician using Beamex MC6 calibrator.

Beamex customer case story

Glatt Air Techniques, United States

Glatt Air Techniques enhances efficiency and ensures customer compliance with Beamex

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As an equipment and service partner to multiple leading pharmaceutical and food and beverage manufacturers, ensuring accuracy and compliance is non-negotiable for Glatt Air Techniques Inc. The company relies on Beamex multifunctional field calibrators and Beamex CMX Calibration Management Software to ensure efficient, accurate calibration throughout the lifecycle of the equipment it manufactures and services on behalf of its customers.

Glatt Air calibration technician using Beamex MC6 calibrator.

“Calibration jobs that used to take three days now take just a day, which is a significant advantage for our customers”

Jason DePalma, Supervisor of Engineering Services, Glatt Air Techniques, US


Pieces of equipment replaced by just 1 calibrator

Beamex MC6 high-accuracy field calibrator


Increase in technician productivity

With Beamex CMX Calibration Software


Time saved with the Beamex calibration ecosystem

Beamex calibration ecosystem

Beamex CMX calibration software

Accuracy and compliance are non-negotiable

As an equipment manufacturer for the pharmaceutical and food industries, calibration plays an integral role in Glatt’s business. The equipment they manufacture must not only meet FDA guidelines but also optimize end-product quality and ensure regulatory compliance for their customers.

To maintain the accuracy of their equipment throughout its entire lifecycle, from the day it is first put into operation at a customer site, Glatt relies on Beamex multifunction field calibrators coupled with Beamex Calibration Management Software.

Streamlined calibration and improved efficiency

The Beamex MC6 calibrators have helped Glatt Air Techniques simplify their calibration processes and procedures. One of the biggest advantages from a practical perspective is that instead of carrying as many as 30 different pieces of equipment in the field, technicians now only need one – the Beamex MC6. Furthermore, the combination of Beamex hardware and software has allowed Glatt to increase efficiency and productivity: “Calibration jobs that used to take three days now take just a day, which is a significant advantage for our customers,” highlights Gaurang Patel, Calibration Supervisor at Glatt.

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Summary & Results

When it came to their calibration management software, ensuring data integrity and a user-friendly platform were top priorities for Glatt. With Beamex CMX software, their technicians can follow customers’ standard operating procedures for tolerance to the letter and maintain records in accordance with FDA requirements. The software saves time by allowing technicians to create instruments prior to a field visit and then download them to their Beamex MC6 so it’s ready to perform calibrations. Once a calibration is complete the results are automatically uploaded to the CMX database.

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