What used to take three or four of us to do in the past, can be done by one, maybe two of us now. Just the Beamex MC6 alone, is like having another technician on staff.

Kristopher Welfel, Senior Instrument and Control technician, United States

With the Beamex solution, we have complete flexibility, so we can perform many calibrations in between other daily tasks. This flexibility is important in a busy workplace where more urgent tasks often arise and need to be prioritized. (about Beamex MC6 and CMX)

Anders Ole Jensen, Engineer and Instrument Technician, Denmark

With this software integration project, we were able to realize a significant return on investment during the first unit overhaul. It’s unusual, since ROI on software projects is usually nonexistent at first. (about integrating Beamex CMX into a CMMS system)

Jody Damron, Business Analyst, United States

High accuracy, ease of use, reliability and costs were also considered important factors in making the decision, and Beamex’s solution was able to meet all of the requirements. (about Beamex test and calibration bench system, CMX, PG hand-pump and professional services)

Rakesh Mishra, Deputy General Manager, India

According to suppliers of maintenance systems, we have introduced the most effective, automated and validated calibration process known in the pharmaceutical industry.” (about Beamex MC5 and CMX)

Anders Rackow, Global Project Manager, Sweden

Utilizing the Beamex set up successfully helped to halve the amount of time taken to complete outage calibrations, therefore enabling us to comply with the company standards without increasing labor costs. (about Beamex MC5 and CMX)

Trevor Wolfe, EC&I Engineer, United Kingdom
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