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The democratization of technology – reducing the risks and reaping the rewards

Beamex / Press releases / The democratization of technology – reducing the risks and reaping the rewards

December 2023

The Democratization of Technology – Reducing the Risks and Reaping the Rewards

The increasing democratization of technology is reshaping innovation and improving access to a wide range of jobs and skills for non-techical professionals. Beamex is pleased to announce its latest series of articles on this topic. The series explores how democratized technology can turn employees into changemakers, the sweeping changes taking place across industries with the adoption of automation and artificial intelligence, and the importance of an open, transparent approach to unlocking the true value of data.

Immerse yourself in the topic of Technology Democratization and expand your horizons here, where thought leaders share their insights and experiences regarding this fascinating megatrend. You’ll discover:

  • What the democratization of technology means in practice and how it is playing out in the real world.
  • How automation, AI, and no or low-code platforms are helping to share the innovation load across organizations.
  • The importance of safely guiding technological democratization in the energy sector.
  • How Beamex’s approach to technology supports data security, safety, and accuracy.

“To unleash true innovation and fully leverage the democratization of data and technology, companies must seek to build shared data ecosystems where data can be analysed and used to solve industry-level challenges.”

Jan-Henrik Svensson, CEO at Beamex

Are you ready to harness the potential that comes with greater access to technology?

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