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Beamex MC6 advanced process calibrator and wireless HART transmitter

How to calibrate HART pressure transmitters

Beamex / Videos / How to calibrate HART pressure transmitters

Beamex made this video together with ISA (International Society of Automation).

In this video, we will show you how to calibrate and trim (adjust) a HART pressure transmitter.

Beamex MC6 documenting calibrator and communicator is be used in this video to measure pressure, measure 4 to 20 mA signal, provide 24V loop supply and also as a HART communicator for the trimming. A calibration hand pump is used to provide the required pressure steps.

In this recalibration, first an As Found calibration is carried out to see how accurate the transmitter is, as it was taken from the use. The calibration was carried out with 5 steps rising and falling.

During the calibration, the MC6 calibrator will show both transmitter input pressure and output current, as well as the error in each step. Once the As Found calibration has been done, the results will be stored in the MC6 calibrator memory.

The As Found calibration was found to fail, as the error at the span point was slightly more than the max permissible error (tolerance).

As the As Found calibration failed, the transmitter needed to be trimmed/adjusted. Being a HART transmitter, the trimming is done using the MC6 as HART communicator. Using the MC6 the transmitter trim methods are carried out. As MC6 contains both communicator and calibrator, no other tools are needed.

After trimming, another (As Left) calibration was carried out. In that calibration, the transmitter was found to be very well within the tolerance limits, so the calibration passed. The As Left calibration was also saved in the calibrator memory.

Later on, the calibration results can be transferred from MC6 memory into calibration software, such as Beamex CMX Calibration Management software or Beamex LOGICAL Cloud-based calibration software.

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