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Beamex MC6 advanced process calibrator

How to calibrate two temperature sensors simultaneously

Beamex / Videos / How to calibrate two temperature sensors simultaneously

A short video on how to use the Beamex MC6 advanced field calibrator and communicator to automatically calibrate two different temperature sensors using two separate temperature blocks. Roy calibrates the Beamex FB660 which goes from 122-1220 degrees F and the FB 150 which goes from -13 to 313 F using the Beamex MC6 calibrator. You can test up to 4 different temperature sensors using the MC6 and connect using thermocouple plugs or bare wires. You can also group tests together, allowing for a sequential test of multiple instruments.

After the calibration is complete, we can use the MC6 and CMX calibration management software together to create a fully automated and paperless calibration.

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