Carry less

The MC6 is a truly multifunctional field calibrator. When going out in the field it is so much easier to carry one device with you, instead of carrying several separate devices.

We think that carrying less is a better way.

Go paperless

The MC6 is also a documenting calibrator. When it is used in conjunction with Beamex calibration software (Beamex CMX or Beamex LOGiCAL) you will experience a fully paperless calibration process. With the MC6, there is no error prone writing of calibration results on paper, manual error calculation, or manually typing results into the software.

We think that going paperless is a better way for you.


Use the MC6 with Beamex LOGiCAL - an advanced, free of charge, cloud-based calibration certificate generation software.


What used to take three or four of us to do in the past, can be done by one, maybe two of us. Just the Beamex MC6, is like having another technician on staff.

Kris, Senior Instrument and Control Technician, Cornell University Central Energy Plant

Using the Beamex MC6 field calibrator and communicator for pressure calibrations has decreased the time it takes to conduct the calibration procedure itself in the field by over 80%.

Bill Adams, Supervisor, USA


Beamex MC6 advanced process calibrator

The MC6 is easy and fun to use. We added a large backlit 5.7-inch color touch screen that can be used with bare fingers, with gloved fingers or with a stylus. An intuitive user interface with multiple user interface languages is included. The connection diagrams guide you to make the correct connections. We even added multiple user interface modes for different use cases.

Person carrying Beamex MC6 advcanced process calibrator on shoulder

We made the MC6 feel at home in industrial field conditions. It is water and dust protected (IP65) and has a very robust design. Being small, light, and ergonomic it is easy and fun to carry.

Beamex MC6 field process calibrator

Being a high-end process calibrator, we of course made it very accurate. The measurement uncertainty is very small and 1 year stability is also specified. Please refer to the brochure for detailed specifications.

Beamex MC6 advanced process calibrator and wireless HART transmitter

We added a multi-bus field communicator into the calibrator. It includes HART, FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1 and Profibus PA communication all in one device, so that you can choose the ones that you need. There’s no longer a reason to carry a separate communicator with you when you go to do calibration work.

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Integrity of calibration data

When you use the Beamex MC6 family calibrators together with Beamex CMX calibration management software, you have a solution that further lowers the risk of ALCOA violations by identifying those using offline mobile devices by their electronic signature and by protecting the offline data against tampering.

Learn more about Data Integrity and Data Integrity in calibration processes.


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