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February 2020

New firmware version 3.30 for Beamex MC6 family calibrators

We have released a new firmware version 3.30 for the Beamex MC6 family products (MC6MC6-Ex and MC6 Workstation).

New firmware version 3.30 = Documenting Calibrator

From now on, all new Beamex MC6 family calibrators are able to perform automatic calibrations, document the calibration results in their memory and communicate with Beamex calibration software. In other words, the main feature of this firmware version is that the Documenting Calibrator mode is now included as a standard feature.

Upgrade your MC6 family calibrator!

If your MC6 family calibrator doesn’t already have the documenting calibrator mode, you can now get it free of charge. Simply install the firmware version 3.30 to your existing MC6, MC6-Ex or MC6 Workstation calibrator, and you have a documenting calibrator at your hands.

Download the firmware version 3.30

What is the Documenting Calibrator mode?

The Documenting Calibrator mode is one of the user interface modes of the MC6 family calibrators. With this mode, the calibration results are automatically documented in the calibrator’s memory.

The Documenting Calibrator mode also enables communication between the MC6 family calibrator and Beamex calibration software (Beamex CMX or Beamex LOGiCAL). It helps you to digitalize the entire calibration process and make it fully paperless.

This kind of paperless calibration process saves time and money, and improves the quality by eliminating the error prone manual documenting.

Media contact:  

Mona-Lisa Grannas
Marketing Director
Mobile: +358 400 709 571

About Beamex:

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