Beamex bMobile is a powerful, paperless mobile solution for maintenance related inspections, including ATEX inspections, DSEAR Inspections, IEC 60079 related inspections or any generic maintenance inspection.

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Beamex bMobile can also be used for documenting the calibration of weighing instruments and process instruments.
Many process industry sites are still using pen and paper to document their calibrations and inspections, making it an inefficient process that is prone to errors.
Beamex bMobile is an application for mobile devices for paperless execution and documentation of calibration and inspection activities in the field. It works in conjunction with Beamex CMX calibration management software.
Beamex bMobile application works off-line, complementing the on-line Beamex CMX calibration management software because, in a process plant, you don’t always have the possibility to have a reliable network connection.
The Beamex bMobile application supports Beamex’s “Mobile Security Plus” technology, a solution to ensure the integrity of calibration data throughout the calibration process.

How does it work:
Use the Beamex CMX calibration management software to plan and schedule all your calibration and inspection activities. When it is time to perform the calibration or inspection tasks, you can send the work orders wirelessly from CMX to the mobile device running the Beamex bMobile application and go out into the plant. At the point of work, the Beamex bMobile application guides you through all the activities step by step. The results are stored securely with traceable information and when you return to the office, you can upload the results wirelessly to the CMX software. The results are automatically stored in the database, where reports may be printed and scheduling is updated.

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