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Beamex Logical calibration software

What, when and how to calibrate with Beamex LOGiCAL software

Beamex / Videos / What, when and how to calibrate with Beamex LOGiCAL software

Industries rely on accurate measurements. To ensure accuracy, instruments need to be calibrated regularly. To know what, when and how to calibrate you should use Beamex LOGiCAL Calibration Software.

Make it a seamless part of your maintenance and quality procedures. Beamex has developed calibration software since the late 80’s and LOGiCAL is our latest generation calibration software.

Beamex LOGiCAL is a subscription-based calibration software using cloud technology. You can store your instruments and references in the LOGiCAL database and use them as a basis for calibration tasks.

The intuitive dashboard will let you know when your instruments are due for calibration. You can plan your calibration work in LOGiCAL and assign the work to people doing the calibration. The calibration tasks are sent to either Beamex calibrators or mobile devices for a guided execution of the calibration.

Once the calibration work is done, the results can be synchronized from the calibrator or mobile device to LOGiCAL. Calibration results are stored in the LOGiCAL database for analysis and certificate generation.

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