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Beamex renews strategy to support its purpose to create a safer and less uncertain world 

Beamex / Press releases / Beamex renews strategy to support its purpose to create a safer and less uncertain world 

March 2023

Beamex renews strategy to support its purpose to create a safer and less uncertain world 

Beamex has announced the public launch of its renewed strategy, supporting its purpose to create a safer and less uncertain world through accurate measurements, reliable data, and traceability. 

Measurements are behind many of the daily actions that we take for granted, like buying food, filling our car’s gas tank, switching the lights on, or taking medicine. Accurate measurements ensure that we get the right amount of food, fuel, and energy and that the medication is safe. They ensure communities can function well and provide the foundations for safer and more sustainable businesses and societies. 

Calibration is key to ensuring these measurements are accurate, helping to improve efficiency, compliance, and safety while minimizing emissions, waste, and risk. When we know that measurement data is trustworthy and we understand measurement error, we make the world a far safer and less uncertain place.

To support the renewed strategy, which was already rolled out internally in 2022, Beamex strives to find a better way to calibrate by being an industry thought leader, developing new products, services, and business concepts, and co-creating and innovating together with our partners.
Beamex also enables a smarter way to do business by helping customers to make better decisions and leverage data and insights for process improvements, using our industry-leading calibration technologies and services.

By enabling process optimization through trustworthy, traceable measurement data, Beamex supports the transformation towards sustainable circular economies, where waste and emissions are reduced. The company also pursues long-term partnerships that advance sustainable business.

Beamex’s goal is to make the world safer and less uncertain for society and our customers by providing trustable measurements as part of a digitally enabled calibration ecosystem that makes managing and sharing calibration data quicker and easier than ever. Our renewed strategy is the blueprint that guides us on our journey – a journey that has already seen us become a leading global calibration company in terms of technology innovation, brand recognition, digitalization, and growth.

Jan-Henrik Svensson, CEO at Beamex

Media contact:  

Mona-Lisa Grannas, Marketing Director
Beamex Oy Ab

About Beamex:

Beamex is your trusted partner for calibration excellence, providing accurate measurements, reliable data, and traceability for a safer and less uncertain world. Beamex helps improve efficiency, ensure compliance, and increase safety with its comprehensive ecosystem of calibration solutions – from field calibration to workshop calibration, calibration management, and services. Through the company’s global reach, Beamex products and services are available in over 90 countries.

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