Service Return Instructions

  1. Fill in the details about the unit(s) you are about to send in through the Service Portal. You will receive a confirmation immediately by email. Beamex or their partner will contact you with a quote (repair and/or recalibration) or RMA (Care Plan), depending on the type of your request.
  2. Follow the packaging instructions below and dispatch the unit.

a) UPS is Beamex partner for pick-ups and deliveries. Care Plans include UPS shipping. Once the order has been acknowledged by Beamex or its partner, continue to Create a UPS Shipment (more instructions below). Skip this step (a) if you want to use a different courier.

Packaging instructions

  1. Remove all fluids from devices and carefully clean off any contaminants before shipping. If the device still might have residues, this must have been stated when sending in the request via the Service Portal.
  2. In case of repair, please include tubing sets, communication cables and charger with the device. In this way, Beamex Service can perform thorough and systematic testing for the calibration system as whole (leak testing, communication problems etc.).
  3. Please remove all unnecessary accessories (connectors, tools etc.) to prevent damage in transport and to reduce CO2 emissions / transportation cost.
  4. To prevent damages in transport, please pack the device in an appropriate rigid carton with suitable filling for cushioning. Several devices can be sent together in one box as long as they are appropriately protected against damage during transportation.
  5. Include the RMA or Order acknowledgement in the packages. It has been sent to your email by Beamex or their partner after you sent in your request via the Service Portal.
  6. Attach the Beamex Return Label to the package. It has been sent to your email by Beamex or their partner after you sent in your request via the Service Portal.
  7. If you are using UPS, also attach the UPS Return Labels to the package.

Filling in the UPS shipment form

  1. Go to: Create a UPS Shipment.
  2. Fill in all mandatory fields. Mandatory fields are marked with a red square. Remember to set your country.
  3. Use your Service-xxxxxxxxxx reference number as reference in the designated field.
  4. Return labels: A link to the labels can be e-mailed (default selection) or printed from the browser.
  5. Schedule a pickup online. When printing return labels, there is a link for scheduling a pickup. Press the link to give your pickup information online.
  6. Note!  There is also the possibility to create an invoice for custom declaration if sending from outside the EU. This document has no effect on the shipment itself but can be attached for customs purposes.


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