Protect your calibration equipment against contamination

Process instruments may contain moisture and dirt. The Beamex DMT dirt and moisture trap will capture any dirt and moisture to prevent entrance to the calibration equipment. Use the DMT to protect equipment like pressure controllers, pressure calibrators and pressure hand pumps.

The DMT trap also prevents cross-contamination between devices under test.

Available models

The Beamex DMT dirt and moisture trap is available in two models:

  • DMT40 for 580 psi (40 bar)
  • DMT210 for 3045 psi (210 bar)

Each stainless steel Beamex DMT comes with low or high pressure connectors and hoses. Also, a stand is included to keep the trap upright and it also works as a manifold including three pressure ports. The trap is easily opened for emptying and cleaning.


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