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Beamex POC6

The Beamex POC6 is discontinued. The recommended replacements are the Beamex POC8 and Beamex ePG

 Beamex POC6 Pressure Controller

Discontinued product

The Beamex POC6 Pressure Controller is a discontinued product.

The Beamex POC6 was a quick and accurate pressure controller. It could be used as a stand-alone pressure controller or combined with Beamex documenting calibrators and calibration software, creating a fully paperless automated calibration process.

The POC6 was available as a panel-mounted version with the Beamex MCS200 workstation or as a portable desktop version.

Do you need to replace your Beamex POC6? Take a closer look at the Beamex POC8 Automatic Pressure Controller

Beamex POC8 Automatic Pressure Controller

The Beamex POC8 is the new POC6

The Beamex POC8 is an accurate and user-friendly automatic pressure output controller, providing regulated output from vacuum to 210 bar (3045 psi). The POC8 can be delivered as a panel mounted to the Beamex CENTRiCAL calibration bench or as a portable desk top version.

Together with MC6 family calibrators and Beamex calibration management software, the POC8 offers a fully automated solution for performing, documenting and managing calibrations easily, efficiently and accurately.

Electric pressure pump Beamex ePG

Ready for the field with the Beamex ePG

The Beamex ePG Electric Pressure Pump and Controller is a portable, battery-operated electric pressure pump and controller for industrial pressure calibration applications in ranges from -0.85 to 20 bar (-12.4 to 300 psi).

It provides an effortless way to generate pressure or vacuum and can be used together with any existing pressure calibrator.