Pressure calibration made fast and easy

Beamex’s POC6 is a quick and accurate pressure controller that makes pressure calibration easy. It can be used as a stand-alone pressure controller or combined with Beamex documenting calibrators and calibration software, creating a fully paperless automated calibration process. The POC6 is available as a panel-mounted version with the Beamex MCS200 workstation or as a portable desk top version.

Beamex MCS200 calibration workshop bench


Beamex POC6 automatic pressure controller

A valve technique that provides a very precise control.

Beamex POC6 automatic pressure controller

The touch screen of the POC6 makes it easy and efficient to use.

Beamex MCS200 mobile calibration trolley

The POC6 can be delivered panel mounted to the Beamex MCS200 Workstation or as a portable desktop version.


Using Beamex POC6 to calibrate a pressure transmitter

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