Beamex MCS200 Calibration Bench

We made the Beamex MCS200 modular test and calibration bench to provide a better way for calibration and maintenance in a workshop.

Thanks to its adjustable modules, it is extremely versatile and can be configured to suit various applications.

Beamex MCS200 mobile calibration trolley

Why calibrate in a workshop?

Why calibrate in a workshop?

  • During the commissioning phase, it is easier to calibrate all instruments in one location before installation.
  • Better accuracy / smaller uncertainty.
  • Use of primary standards in the workshop to calibrate the portable working standards in-house.
  • Spare device / rotating spares can be found easily.
  • Safety issues are easier to manage.
  • Accreditation for the calibration workshop.
  • Efficiency, ergonomics, ease and many other practical reasons.
Calibration bench Beamex MCS200
When to calibrate in a workshop and when in the field? Read this paper to learn.

We can be your partner in every phase of the workshop design

Establishing a calibration workshop is a large project that includes many interrelated tasks. Because of this, it should be run like any major project, with proper project organization.

We can help you in every phase of your project, such as:

  • Planning, visualization, specification, and space
  • Providing appropriate equipment and software
  • Project management and documentation
  • Delivery, implementation, installation, commissioning, training, and start-up
  • Post-sales services and support
Beamex MCS200 temperature calibration bench
How to build a calibration workshop - Interested to get more detailed info?
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