Are you struggling with all your maintenance inspections?

Is the scheduling, performing and documenting of your preventive maintenance, safety system, hazardous area installation (among many others) inspections still paper based, labor intensive and error-prone?

With more than 40 years’ experience of providing calibration solutions for the process industry, we know that every process plant has various inspections that must be done regularly, which can cause a major headache. That is why we have created a better way to perform maintenance inspections.

The Beamex solution includes the CMX Calibration Management software and an Android mobile device application called Beamex bMobile 1.0. The Beamex CMX software can communicate with the Beamex bMobile 1.0 application enabling a streamlined and fully paperless solution for maintenance inspections.

Please see the CMX product page for all the other advanced functionality CMX can offer to you.

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Maintenance inspection & bMobile introduction

How it works:

When using Beamex CMX software for inspections, you can plan and schedule all your activities and make detailed instructions for each inspection. When it is time to make the inspection, you can send the work orders from CMX to the mobile device—whether an Android tablet or Android phone—and go out into the field. While in the field, the Beamex bMobile application guides you through all the inspection activities, allows you to make the pass or fail decision and add notes. The test results are stored in the mobile device, so when you return to the office, you can upload the results into the CMX software. The results are automatically stored in the database where reports may be printed and scheduling can be updated.

“The inspections are created, managed and scheduled in CMX software. When it is time to make inspection checks, you can download the work orders into the mobile device. Once testing is completed, you can upload test result into CMX database and print reports.”

For each asset, you can specify an individual check list for tasks to be done. For repeating procedures, you can create templates in CMX for easy duplication. Each procedure can include any number of individual checks, the instructions (what needs to be tested and how), a field for notes as well as a pass, fail and skip results for that test.


Specifications for Beamex CMX software:
• CMX Professional or CMX Enterprise (not CMX Light)
• Version 2.10 or higher
• “Maintenance Inspection” option installed

Specifications for an Android mobile device:
• Android operating system version 4.4 (KitKat), or later
• Recommended minimum screen resolution 1280 x 720
• USB port
• Optimum screen size 8 inch tablet (may be used with any screen size)

The Beamex bMobile 2 application replaces the older application.
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