Why would you choose Beamex CMX calibration software?

Beamex CMX calibration software in use

We focus on developing products that improve our customers’ processes. The same applies to our calibration software – it’s developed to make your job easier, faster and more compliant with quality and regulatory requirements.

Beamex MC6 advanced process calibrator for use with CMX calibration software

Significant reduction of both the costs of calibration and time required to calibrate are among the major benefits our customers have reported as a result of using our calibration software. This is because the entire process can be automated, from instrument creation to closing out work orders in maintenance management systems, like Maximo and SAP PM.

Beamex CMX calibration software / calibration management software and bMobile mobile application

The beauty of our calibration software is that when used with our documenting calibrators, you can entirely remove paper from the equation. All records are safely stored in a database resulting in new possibilities for analyzing calibration data and improving your processes.

Engineers using Beamex calibrator

Managing calibrations is not just about buying another software. We also help our customers evaluate their current calibration processes and find areas of improvement. Then, we can ensure a smooth and efficient transition to a new calibration process and help them maintain it.

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Customer testimonials

Tasks that would take a month to two months to complete, could be performed in a few weeks. Time is money.

Faran Rolingson, Senior Control Engineer, USA

Utilizing the Beamex set up successfully helped to halve the amount of time taken to complete outage calibrations.

Trevor Wolfe, EC&I Engineer, UK

We have improved regulatory compliance in relation to ISO 9001, calibration documentation stored safely, with less possibility of human error.

Colin Curtin, Instrumentation Consultant, Australia

We can now say that we have a [SAP integrated] calibration management system which is simple, efficient and adapted to our particular needs.

Juan José Mora Mora, Head of Instrumentation Maintenance Department, Spain
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Paperless calibration

Convert to a fully paperless calibration process with the Beamex integrated calibration system, comprised of CMX calibration software and documenting calibrators. Beamex CMX software will help you plan and schedule calibration and inspection work. When it’s time to perform the work, send work orders to your mobile documenting calibrators or tablets/smart phones. Perform the tasks with Beamex mobile devices and store the results in their memory. After the work is completed, upload the results to CMX. Results are stored in a database and offer the ability to generate calibration certificates.

The Beamex integrated calibration system automates the entire calibration process. Since the process becomes paperless, there are no worries related to manual entry and no time wasted on recording results with pen and paper.

Optimized calibration intervals

Beamex CMX offers an easy-to-read numerical and graphical history trend to evaluate the calibration history of every instrument.

This feature helps you determine the optimal calibration interval for each instrument and make decisions to increase or decrease the calibration interval. Optimizing calibration intervals can reduce your calibration costs by eliminating unnecessary calibrations. It also helps avoid expensive non-compliance, which might happen if the interval is too long and the instrument fails.

How do you analyze calibration history and make smart decisions about the ideal calibration interval for different instruments?

Integrity of calibration data

The Beamex calibration solution fulfills the requirements of 21 CFR Part 11 and other relevant regulations for electronic records, electronic signatures and data integrity. CMX version 2.11 introduced Mobile Security Plus, which offers enhanced functionality with compatible offline mobile devices, such as Beamex MC6 family of documenting calibrators and tablets/smartphones with the Beamex bMobile 2 application. This enhancement further lowers the risk of ALCOA violations by identifying those using offline mobile devices by their electronic signature and by protecting the offline data against tampering.


Data Integrity in Calibration Processes - read blog post and white paper to learn more

Weighing Instrument Calibration

Beamex CMX calibration software includes feature-rich functionality for calibrating weighing instruments. This option includes eccentricity tests, repeatability tests, weighing tests, and minimum capability weighing tests to assist in complying with all calibration requirements.

CMX functionality is based on various guidelines and standards including EURAMET cg-18, OIML: EN 45501 + AC and NIST Handbook 44 (with USP 41 updates).

Weighing instrument calibration can be performed using a computer or with offline mobile devices (tablets/smart phones) using the Beamex bMobile 2 application.

How to calibrate weighing instruments - read blog post and white paper

Maintenance inspections

Is the scheduling, performing, and documenting of your preventive maintenance, safety checks, safety instrumented systems (SIS), and hazardous area installation inspections still paper-based, labor intensive and error-prone? Every process plant has various routine inspections and we know that these can cause a major headache, which is why we offer a better way to perform maintenance inspections. Our solution includes the CMX calibration software and an Android mobile device application called Beamex bMobile 2.

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