Maintain accuracy and reliability of your Beamex equipment, throughout its lifetime with the Beamex Care Plan.

The Beamex Care Plan is a simple and effortless solution for you to secure your Beamex equipment is up to date and always ready for the next challenging job.

The Care Plan is a three-year contract for the recalibration and maintenance of your Beamex equipment and the contract covers:

  • Annual recalibrations with an ISO 17025 internationally accepted, traceable calibration certificate
  • As Found and As Left calibration (including adjustment)
  • Free repairs, even with accidental damage
  • Replacement of wearable parts, including battery pack
  • Applicable updates of firmware, device description files
  • Free shipments to and from the Beamex laboratory in Pietarsaari, Finland
  • Extended warranty
  • Help-desk services
  • Priority service
  • Annual email notification of due calibration

The Beamex Care Plan is the best solution for you to maintain your Beamex equipment.

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