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Beamex Logical calibration software

Beamex LOGiCAL – Software Tour with Roy

Beamex / Videos / Beamex LOGiCAL – Software Tour with Roy

Beamex LOGiCAL is a subscription-based calibration software using cloud technology. The LOGiCAL database stores your instruments to calibrate and the calibration references. You can plan your calibration work in LOGiCAL and assign the work to people doing the calibration.

The unique communication technology enables the cloud-based software to communicate with mobile devices. You can use LOGiCAL with Beamex documenting calibrators for a fully paperless and digitalized calibration process, or you can use a mobile phone or a tablet with the free Beamex bMobile calibration application to document your calibrations.

LOGiCAL software is ideal for calibration professionals who want to step-up from an outdated, home-made or paper-based calibration solution into the latest technology with a cloud-based solution.

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