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Our Strategy

Read about the Beamex strategy and our aspiration to be the best calibration technology partner.

Everything is based on measurements

Everything is based on measurements

Measurements are behind many of the daily actions that we take for granted, like buying food, filling our vehicle’s gas tank, switching the lights on at home, or taking medicine.

Accurate measurements ensure that we get the right amount of food, fuel, and energy, and that our medication is safe. They ensure communities can function well and provide the foundations for safer and more sustainable businesses and societies.

Calibration is the key

Calibration is key to ensuring accurate measurements, and helping to improve efficiency, compliance, and safety, while minimizing emissions, waste, and risk.

By helping to ensure that measurement data is trustworthy and measurement error is understood, Beamex helps to realize smarter business and supports sustainable growth – for a safer and less uncertain world .

Beamex MC6-T temperature calibrator

Our strategy

Our path and aspiration

We are the most desired calibration technology company and the best partner for our customers and stakeholders. We are a high-tech company and the technology market leader that differentiates and creates customer value through innovation.

We provide products and services that, independently and together, provide unmatched business and operational benefits to our customers.

Our path and aspiration | Beamex
Our purpose | Beamex

Our purpose

Our purpose is to help make the world a safer and less uncertain place through accurate, traceable measurements that help businesses streamline their processes and reduce their burden on the environment.

Our comprehensive calibration ecosystem helps to create safer and less uncertain world by ensuring that our customers’ measurement data is trustworthy and traceable, supporting smarter and more sustainable business.


The Beamex DNA makes us what we are, and is composed of two interwoven strands that support each other:

Committed and true  – We are committed to our customers, to each other, and to society. We are a true business partner for our customers. We work in a reliable, transparent, and sustainable way.

Driven by a better way – We set the industry standard with continuous technology development and our high-quality offering. We are passionate about always finding a better way to calibrate.

Our DNA | Beamex
Beamex calibration laboratory

Our values

We believe in our three core values – Open, Precise and Enjoy. These values are present in everything we do, from how we treat our customers, to how we treat each other in the workplace.

Open to change and innovation – We are honest, transparent, open-minded, and always ready to improve.

Enjoy an energetic and rewarding environment – We are people positive and approachable, and we engage everyone.

Precise in everything we do – We build trust through being precise and accurate.

At Beamex, we believe in a better way

Beamex MC6-T temperature calibrator

A better way to calibrate

Intuitive user experiences and world-class customer care make calibration easy for everyone.

The Beamex ecosystem is con­tin­u­ous­ly developing with state-of-the-art tech­nolo­gies. Expert services and support from our dedicated, highly knowl­edge­able team means a great experience every time.

A better way to run your business

Make smarter decisions with the best lifecycle partner to automate and optimize processes, reduce error, and
mitigate risks.

We help you get more from your data. For example, by connecting calibration to other business processes, to increase plant avail­abil­i­ty and capacity.

A better way for a sustainable future

Improve quality, au­ditabil­i­ty and deliver compliance with trustable and traceable measurement data.

Our high-quality, reliable solutions, combined with our world-leading expertise, help you future-proof operations and optimize processes to improve efficiency and reduce waste and emissions.

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