The Beamex MC6-T is a multifunction temperature calibrator and communicator.

All-in-one multifunction dry block temperature calibrator

Calibrate temperature, electrical and pressure signals

Communicate with smart instruments including HART, PROFIBUS and Foundation Fieldbus

Simulate RTD and thermocouples signals for calibrating temperature transmitters and other temperature instruments

Measure and generate various DC electrical signals

Experience the Beamex MC6-T in 3D

The MC6-T is the most comprehensive calibrator we have found on the market today.

It gives us more confidence knowing that we can have one unit which can carry out documented dry block calibrations in the workshop or on site.

It is like having another technician working independently, which frees us up to get on with other tasks.

It’s amazing to see when the probe is actually at the correct temp and stable before taking a measurement. No guessing and reduces human error. This would save money on probes that may have been tested too early and noted as failed due to its error not yet stabilizing in any other temperature block.

Speeds up the process by having the option to perform multiple calibrations simultaneously.

Allows us to utilize our existing MC6 for other calibrations while MC6-T takes care of the entire temperature calibration & documentation process.

The block quickly cools and heats throughout the ranges which help us get more work done in less time.

Videos: What is the MC6-T?

Intro to the MC6-T in 90 seconds

Product innovation

Fast & reliable for industrial use

MC6-T is designed for demanding industrial environments and minimizes the effects of varying environmental conditions, typical in process industry field conditions.

The active multizone (triple / dual) temperature control technology ensures an excellent temperature gradient and compensates for the heat loss caused by the temperature sensors installed in the insert.

Lowers the effects of any mains voltage fluctuations and remains very stable in spite of changes in AC mains power voltage with a short calibration cycle time.

Beamex MC6-T temperature calibrator

Digital transformation of your calibration process

MC6-T is a documenting calibrator and communicates with calibration software. This enables a digitalized and fully paperless calibration process.

When the whole calibration process is electronic and paperless, it saves time and reduces the risk of errors.

Automated and easy data capture.

Beamex MC6-T temperature calibrator

"How to calibrate" - educational videos

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How to calibrate a sanitary temperature sensor

How to calibrate a temperature switch automatically

All-in-one functionality

With the ability to generate temperature as well as measure and simulate temperature and electrical signals, combined with communication and pressure calibration capabilities, the MC6-T offers the most unique functionality available in one-device.

Carrying and maintaining less equipment is a better way.

Beamex MC6-T temperature calibrator

Low & High Temperatures

Available models:

MC6-T150 with a range of -22 … 302 °F (-30 … 150 °C )

MC6-T660 with a range of 122 … 1220 °F  (50 … 660 °C )

Short and sanitary sensor calibration

The MC6-T150  enables the calibration of short and flanged sanitary sensors. Typically, this is not possible with traditional temperature dry-blocks.

The MC6-T150 can be provided with a dedicated insert used together with a special short reference sensor with flexible cable, enabling the calibration of short sensors.

Unique functionality for calibrating short and sanitary sensors.

Beamex MC6-T short sanitary temperature sensor calibration
Learn more about "Sanitary Temperature Sensor Calibration"

Built-in Field Communicator

MC6-T includes a field communicator for HART, FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1 and Profibus PA instruments.

With the help of the built-in communicator, you can calibrate, configure and trim/adjust your smart instruments with a single MC6-T without the need to carry a separate field communicator with you.

Communicate and calibrate with one device.

Beamex MC6-T temperature calibrator
How to calibrate temperature sensors?

Enhanced Safety Features

The MC6-T was designed with enhanced internal stability. If the block needs to be moved while in test, the short handle allows you to move it without disturbing inserted probes.

Be safe and mobile when calibrating with the MC6-T.

Beamex MC6-T temperature calibrator

Enhanced usability

MC6-T offers a large 5.7-inch backlit multilingual color touch screen user interface that can be easily used with bare fingers, gloved hands or any stylus.

Direct numerical and QWERTY keyboards make it very easy and fast to enter data.

There is no need to use clumsy arrow keys to enter a set point, just enter the temperature set point value.

Beamex MC6-T temperature calibrator

Extreme versatility

Calibrate a multitude of temperature, pressure & electric instruments

Communicate and troubleshoot smart transmitters like HART

Like no other dry block calibrator can

Fast and reliable

Quick heating

Cooling without overshoots

Improve efficiency

Save time

All-in-one functionality

Replace many devices

Carry less in the field

Lower equipment maintenance costs

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