POC8 Pressure Controller

The POC8 is an automatic pressure controller for pressure calibrations very efficient and easy to perform. A variety of pressure ranges are available, from vacuum up to 3045 psi.

You can use the POC8 as a stand-alone pressure controller or as part of the Beamex integrated calibration solution. With the panel mounting kit, the POC8 can be installed in the Beamex MCS200 calibration bench for a professional workshop solution.


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Beamex PG Calibration Pumps

PG calibration hand pumps allow you to easily generate pressure for calibrations. The PG family contains pumps dedicated to specific purposes, such as a vacuum, high pressure, low pressure or a combination (pressure & vacuum).


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Beamex MCS200 Calibration Bench

The MCS200 is a modular test and calibration bench for workshops and laboratories.

Each bench is customized for your calibration needs. For controlling pressure, the panel-mounted version of the POC8 pressure controller can be installed as well as various pressure modules for different ranges.


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