NEW! Beamex ePG Electric Pressure Pump and Controller up to 300 psi

Beamex PGC

Pressure/vacuum generator -13.7 to 510 psi

The PGC is a hand-operated calibration pump that generates pressure and vacuum. It has a pressure/vacuum selector so you can quickly choose between generating pressure or vacuum. The PGC pump also provides the means to accurately fine-tune the generated pressure.

  • Easily generate and work at 300 psi
  • Fine tune knob allows for quick and easy adjustment
Beamex PGC calibration pump

Beamex PGHH

Pressure generator for high pressure for 0 to 10,000 psi

The PGHH is a hand-operated, hydraulic, high-pressure generator to be used with liquids (e.g. mineral oil, distilled water, etc.).

The PGHH pump is equipped with an adjustable volume control for fine-tuning the generated pressure.

Beamex PGPH

Pneumatic pressure generator for high pressure for –13.7 to 2,000 psi

The PGPH is a hand-operated, pneumatic (air is the pressure medium) high-pressure table pressure generator. The pump is efficient in generating both vacuum and high pressure up to 2,000 psi quickly and effortlessly. It takes less than one minute to generate the maximum pressure. It is equipped with an adjustable volume control, providing excellent fine-tuning of generated pressure, and two hand-tight connectors allowing fast and easy connections without tools.

Beamex PGPH high pressure pneumatic calibration pump

Beamex PGL

Pressure generator for low pressure for –160 to 160 iwc

The PGL is a hand-operated pressure table pump for low-pressure using air as its pressure medium. The pump is equipped with a thermal bellows chamber for reducing environmental temperature changes during the calibration process. With the screw-operated volume control and fine adjustment, an extremely accurate and stable pressure adjustment is easily achievable.

Beamex PGL low pressure calibration pump

Beamex PGM

Pressure generator for medium pressure 0 to 300 psi

The PGM is a hand-operated pressure calibration pump that uses air as its pressure medium. The extremely accurate volume control provides fine adjustment of pressure. The pump’s unique and sturdy construction makes the PGM the ultimate field calibration pump.

Beamex PGM calibration pump

Beamex PGV

Pressure generator for vacuum 0 to – 13.7 psi

The PGV is a highly efficient vacuum pump that generates vacuum quickly using a pulling action. The volume control provides the fine adjustment of the generated vacuum.

The compact, sturdy, and lightweight construction is designed for use in tough field environments.

Beamex PGV vacuum calibration pump


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