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Water and Wastewater Industry

Automated calibration technology and services help water and wastewater industry operators to maintain safety and regulatory compliance while unlocking the benefits of digitalization.

Efficiency, safety and compliance for the water and waste water industry - Beamex Calibration Solutions

Efficiency, safety and compliance

In the water and wastewater industry balancing safety and regulatory compliance with efficiency can be a tricky task. Success relies on having the right resources, knowledge, tools, and support at your disposal.

A modern, automated calibration solution, that supports regulatory and documentation requirements while helping to maintain the highest level of safety, offers significant advantages for industry professionals

Experience a better way to keep everything flowing smoothly

Experience a better way to keep everything flowing smoothly

Many water and wastewater companies rely on the Beamex calibration ecosystem. Our solutions – all designed to help customers achieve their calibration-related goals – have been developed over nearly 50 years by combining our own experience with feedback gained through close cooperation with industry partners.

Industry trends and insights

What is operational excellence and how can calibration help achieve it?

In this article, we discuss the history of the concept, what it means in practice, and how it applies to process industries. We’ll also set out how calibration can play a role in enabling operational excellence in your process industry plants

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Automating the calibration management ecosystem

While the pen might be mightier than the sword, in process industries pen and paper-based calibration systems are a weak spot that is desperately in need of attention. Automating your calibration ecosystem saves time, reduces the risk of errors, and enables your or­ga­ni­za­tion to use calibration data for business benefits.

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Tackling the problem of human error in calibration data entry

Manual entry is still commonly used in industrial processes even though it is a slow and labor-intensive process with a high possibility of human error. In this article, we discuss industrial calibration processes and the manual data entry related to these processes.

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Do more with less and generate ROI with an automated calibration solution

Process instrument calibration is just one of the many maintenance-related activities in a process plant. The last thing you want to do is to have your limited resources wasting time performing unnecessary calibrations or using time-consuming, ineffective calibration procedures.

Are you performing calibrations? Browse all our “how to” calibrate content and discover better ways to calibrate

Customer success stories


Hours saved on calibrations annually

National Grid, UK

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Return on investment in the first year

DC Water, US

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Efficiency improvement in calibration processes

Miami-Dade WASD, US

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What our water and waste water customers say

All in all, the plant has experienced dramatic time savings and implemented a more reliable calibration strategy while realizing a 100% return on investment in the first year.

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Robert Hopkins DC Water, Process Control System Specialist, DC Water, US

Beamex is a very complete calibration specific company, with excellent products, factory support and training. Beamex does not cover just the equipment, but provides excellent software to complement the instruments. The software is very robust, reliable with great features, which are easy to use.

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Julio Hernandez, Plant Instrument Technician, Miami-Dade WASD, US

Using the Beamex MC6 field calibrator and communicator for pressure calibrations has decreased the time it takes to conduct the calibration procedure itself in the field by over 80%.

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Joel Gregory, Process Control Systems Specialist, DC Water, US

Beamex does not cover just the equipment, but provides excellent software to complement the instruments. The software is very robust, reliable with great features, which are easy to use.

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Julio R. Hernandez, Plant Instrument Technician at Miami-Dade WASD, US

Beamex calibration solutions

Calibration management

Discover how Beamex calibration software helps you digitalize and automate calibration processes.

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Intrinsically safe calibrator and communicator - Beamex MC6-Ex

Field calibration

Experience the Beamex portfolio of advanced field calibration technology.

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Beamex CENTRiCAL calibration bench

Workshop calibration

Meet the Beamex range of industrial workshop calibration solutions.

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Mobile calibration with Beamex bMobile


Get the most out of Beamex technology with expert services, and calibration and repair services.

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Together we can find the ideal calibration solution for your operations

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