Pressure calibration made easy

The Beamex ePG is a portable, battery-operated electric pressure pump for industrial pressure calibration applications in ranges from -12.3 psi (-0.85 bar) up to 300 psi (20 bar).

It provides an effortless way to generate pressure or vacuum.


Introducing the Beamex ePG

Easy pressure generation

The ePG is simple and easy to use.

It provides a fast and effortless way to generate pressure and vacuum for various pressure calibration applications.

Simply use the backlit coarse and fine adjustment buttons to generate the required pressure or vacuum.

Electric pressure pump Beamex ePG

Flexibility – use with any calibrator

The ePG pressure generator can be used with any existing pressure calibrator, so there is no need to purchase a new pressure calibrator.

Just replace your existing manual hand pump with the Beamex ePG and start making your life easier.

Electric pressure pump Beamex ePG

Experience ePG in 3D!

Convenience, backed by the powerful battery

The ePG has a powerful field-replaceable rechargeable battery pack with status indication.

The battery has a status check feature, and it provides a long operation time (over a week in normal use) and it can be quickly charged either inside the pump or separately.

Electric pressure pump Beamex ePG

Avoid downtime

The most common service needs can be carried out by the user, so there’s no need to send the pump to Beamex for service.

And even if the pump is sent to service, you can still use your calibrator.

Electric pressure pump Beamex ePG

Automate and make it even easier

When the ePG is used together with the Beamex MC6 family of calibrators, it creates a fully automatic documenting pressure calibration system, ensuring calibrations are repeatable, avoiding errors in manual calibration, and saving both time and money.


Electric pressure pump Beamex ePG

Experience a better way to calibrate pressure with the Beamex ePG.

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