Document your calibrations anywhere, anytime

Beamex LOGiCAL is an advanced, multilingual, cloud-based calibration certificate generation software.

It offers you an affordable and easy way to document your calibration results.

LOGiCAL reads the calibration results from selected Beamex documenting calibrators and presents the results on an electronic calibration certificate in PDF format.


Cloud based calibration software - Beamex LOGiCAL
Since the version 1.0.2, released on 11th March 2019, LOGiCAL is multilingual and also supports selected Beamex MC2 model calibrators.

Why use a cloud-based software?

Using a cloud-based software like LOGiCAL is extremely cost-effective. You won’t need to make any significant investments because it is free of charge to begin using.

Since the software is cloud-based, your IT department does not need to be involved.

The cloud-based software provides easy access anywhere you have an internet connection.

You won’t need to worry about version updates because the application automatically updates.


Beamex Logical calibration software


Beamex LOGiCAL introduction

How to create a LOGiCAL account

How to install LOGiCAL client

How to print a certificate with LOGiCAL

LOGiCAL user settings

How does LOGiCAL work?

Make a calibration using a Beamex documenting calibrator, like the MC2, MC4 or the MC6 family of calibrators, then store the results into the calibrator’s memory. Next, upload the calibration results from your calibrator’s memory into LOGiCAL, which will convert the results into a PDF calibration certificate that you can save or print. Simple and logical!

LOGiCAL can be used with most browsers, such as Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari.

The calibration certificates can be downloaded to a computer, tablet or mobile device.

Cloud based calibration software, Beamex Logical

Start using LOGiCAL right now!

If you have a compatible Beamex documenting calibrator (MC2 version 3.20 or higher, MC4 or MC6), you can start using LOGiCAL immediately for free by going to the LOGiCAL page and registering.

Go to and start using LOGiCAL right now!

Start using LOGiCAL right now!

Who is LOGiCAL for?

LOGiCAL software is ideal for industries or plants with a smaller number of calibrations that can be managed on a documenting calibrator today.  LOGiCAL also suits mobile workers who need to travel from plant to plant frequently.

These kinds of conditions might exist in industries like service, water and wastewater, smaller power plants, aerospace, automotive, pulp & paper among others.


Need something more?

If you work in a highly regulated and more demanding industry, such as pharmaceutical, maybe LOGiCAL is not right for you. Instead, we recommend using the more advanced Beamex CMX Calibration Management Software.

For more information on CMX software, please visit the CMX Calibration Management Software product page.

CMX Calibration Management Software
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