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Business Development Manager, UK

Beamex is an extended family for me. Everyone is glad to see you and take their time to chat with you.

“When I first started to work after school one of my brothers told me to find a job that I enjoyed because I would be working the rest of my life and it was no good doing something I didn’t like doing. I find in the morning that I’m happy to go to work. I want to go to work and don’t feel like it is a chore. My coworkers recognize what can be done and what can be achieved.

My background has always been in process control instrumentation. I left another company in 2018 and wanted to move on to somewhere better. A recruitment company contacted me, and the rest is history. I love every minute at Beamex. If you compare Beamex to other calibration companies, their calibrators are mass produced, while ours are hand built and are still put together quickly and are a very high calibre product that won’t let our customers down.

I would recommend Beamex for two reasons: Beamex the product and Beamex the company. Beamex the product because of the quality, the support and the services connected to the product. Several years after you have bought the product you still get support from Beamex. Beamex is a great company to work for due to the people inside it. I find it is very much like a very big family, though we are a big company. Some big companies lose their identity whilst growing, but we are still individuals, everyone knows everyone. If you walk into a room with the CEO he knows you, he asks you how your day is going and so on. Beamex is an extended family for me. Everyone is glad to see you and take their time to chat with you. You’re not only an employee, you are a person and everyone recognizes that.”

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