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It certainly gives you something to brag about when you believe that your company is the best in the world.

“My Beamex journey started during the spring of 2020, in the beginning of the pandemic. I was in the middle of my studies and nervously waiting to start my summer trainee position as the HR trainee. Due to the pandemic, it was hard for students to get summer trainee positions at all. I was so lucky, not only that I got a summer job, but because I got a summer job at Beamex.

I had heard of Beamex before, and knew it was a technology company and that I probably wouldn’t understand our products. Calibration isn’t something that is familiar for someone studying business administration and pedagogy. But it didn’t take many weeks before I understood that Beamex had something special. Not only the amazing community, nor how much freedom and trust are given to the summer trainees. What I noticed is that I was actually working for one of the best companies (the best, if you ask me) in our niche. It certainly gives you something to brag about when you believe that your company is the best in the world. And for some reason that company is based in Pietarsaari, not in Silicone Valley.

There is a willingness to help and teach you. Even I could give you a presentation about calibration, and if I was taught the calibration process, anyone can learn it. My colleagues are experts in calibration, and they even hold guest lectures about it at universities. The willingness to teach and help is so valuable, especially to a summer trainee who has never had an office job before. I’ve created an HR intranet, planned events and onboardings and posted x amounts of content, both internally and externally. I have now graduated, and I’m on my fourth summer at Beamex, and that more than anything should tell you that I love spending my summers here, with all the skills, laughter and friends that Beamex has given me.”

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