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Product Owner

Throughout my time here, I have never felt that corporate interests were prioritized over the well-being of employees.

“Before moving to Pietarsaari, I had lived my whole life in Sweden. I grew up in Stockholm and lived over a decade in Umeå, where I studied for an M.Sc in engineering physics. After graduating, I began my career as a development engineer and later as a safety specialist in the Pulp & Paper industry.

The decision to work with Beamex stemmed from my girlfriend’s job offer as a dentist in Pietarsaari, where she grew up. Through her family I learned about a recruitment fair where I first encountered the name “Beamex.” I did some research and discovered that Beamex was widely regarded as an excellent employer. I reached out to the Head of People&Culture via email and had a virtual “Face to face” conversation with my current supervisor. The discussions were positive, and there was a need for someone with my skills and education, and I felt like I could bring value to Beamex.

Presently I work as a Product Owner, focusing on calibration-related data. I recently transitioned from the role of Requirements Engineer. In short, I am responsible for what- and how we treat calculation and calibration-related data to Beamex internal standards of instrument and error calculation.

The best aspect of being at Beamex, for me, has been the opportunity to shape and influence my role while actively participating in the company’s development projects. Throughout my time here, I have never felt that corporate interests were prioritized over the well-being of employees.

The best part of my own work is that I get to interact and influence the development process, as well as the variety of work I have. One day is never the same as the other. Beamex is an exceptional company that offers personal and professional growth opportunities, and what sets it apart is the commitment to valuing its employees.”

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