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Marketing Automation Specialist

If Beamex was a person, it would be someone with a warm presence, kind character, who is approachable.

“Before starting at Beamex, I had various roles such as marketing manager, junior copywriter, production planner and script supervisor. I’ve studied IT & marketing, Communication, and Media Production. Fun fact: quite a few of my classmates work in production or directing primetime shows on Finnish television. Everything came together in my current role as a Marketing Automation Specialist.  Because of my IT background, I’m a bit of a geek for new technologies. I’m always happy researching new tools and technologies and implementing ways that marketing could benefit from those new tools.

My primary responsibilities revolve around marketing automation and processes, compliance, training, email marketing development, and A/B testing. I am part of a “mini-team” called Marketing Operations, working alongside two colleagues to ensure our marketing team has efficient tools and data for creating and distributing easily accessible marketing campaigns.

I ended up working with Beamex through a conversation I had with someone from the Calibration Solutions Group. They shared insights about Beamex’s work culture and the advantages and challenges of being part of a global technology company. Coincidentally, Beamex had an open position in their marketing team, so I applied!

The best thing about Beamex is undoubtedly the people—the Beamex family. Working alongside such a talented group of professionals allows me to develop my skills while collectively achieving team goals. In the marketing team we are always looking for modern ways to work, study new technologies and implement the latest innovations.

Beamex is an innovative and agile company where people feel genuinely welcomed. The workforce comes from diverse backgrounds, and we are committed to working together for the betterment of our work community. Work-life balance is prioritized – let’s not forget that work should be fun too! If Beamex was a person, it would be someone with a warm presence, a kind character, who’s approachable. Help is readily available from anyone, and everyone’s opinions are heard. The equality with which employees are treated holds immense value to me, and you can find that here at Beamex.”

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