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Sales Director, USA

Our products are all Beamex, we implement it, we innovate it, we build it, we sell it

“My entire career has been in information technology, first as a software developer and later as a salesperson. I’ve always worked with companies that sell high end products and have sold industrial applications and technology but never in process manufacturing. I had no idea what metrology was and very little understanding of process control. Since I started in 2010 Beamex has grown and I’m proud to be a part of it.

After I was approached by Beamex about a position, I did my research about the company. From what I could tell, Beamex had a very innovative technology, a strong RnD engine, and their products really were the best products on the market. Our products are all Beamex, we implement it, we innovate it, we build it, we sell it.

All this turned out to be true and is a large part of why I enjoy working at Beamex, but what I didn’t know was how much I would like the Finnish culture. Management is very patient and understanding, they push but not in a way that is unreasonable that puts stress on people. If there is a weak spot, they want to solve the issue and include everyone in the solution with full transparency. You know exactly where you stand when talking to a Finnish person, they tell you exactly what they think. It is a very welcoming environment and the people I work with are great. Everyone is pushing in the same direction and wants to be the very best and supports each other to be the very best.

I would recommend Beamex because of everything that I saw in the company. We have a superior solution, an infrastructure behind it to support success. The company isn’t just driving for revenue, we are building a company but also building a workforce. Management is putting in the investment and the time for the people in the company, not just the technology. We get the resources to hit out objectives and be successful. The culture that is found here at Beamex is built around the people. There is an expression that a rising tide lifts all boats, and that is the mentality found here.”

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