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For professional service companies supporting the process industry, efficiency, safety, and innovation are the cornerstones of a successful offering. Profitable long-term customer relationships rely on the ability to deliver quality services and solutions time and again – at the right price.

Beamex has a long track record as the partner of choice for service providers of all sizes – from entrepreneurial setups with a handful of staff to leading multinational organizations employing thousands of technicians. These companies trust our modern, fully automated, and paperless calibration solutions to ensure compliance for their customers and an effective calibration process that saves time and money without compromising on the quality and integrity of the results.

Our solutions – all designed to help customers achieve their calibration-related goals – have been developed over 40 years by combining our own experience with feedback gained through close cooperation with industry partners.


Customer success stories

50 %

Efficiency improvement for performing calibration procedures.

Miami-Dade WASD, USA

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1 year

Payback time for the investment into Beamex calibration system.

Silkeborg Varme, Denmark

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30 Min

Reduction of time required to perform a calibration.

Salt River Project, USA

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What customers say

The Beamex Integrated Calibration Solution has allowed us to save up to 30% of the time spent on calibrations and the production of verification reports, while also giving us the option of editing standardized and personalized verification report frames to meet the specific requirements of our customers. By automating calibration routines, our technicians can focus on other tasks while still following procedures and ensuring the integrity of calibration results. Therefore, the technicians are more relaxed and our customers are more confident, especially since the process is fully digitalized and there is no risk of errors during data collection.

Laurent Flachard, Lifecycle Field Leader, Emerson, France

Beamex’s calibration solution is an ideal match with our needs as a service company. We now have a paperless process that increases our technicians’ productivity without sacrificing accuracy, so we can provide a leaner, more efficient service and our clients can expect certificates as soon as the work is completed. The support from Beamex means we can rely on everything to work as expected and provide our customers with the best possible service.

Richard O’ Meara Contracts Manager, Douglas Calibration Services, Jones Engineering Group

The Beamex MC6 calibrator has allowed my team to go from 10 calibrations per day to 25. This has doubled the number of customers we are able to service each week.

The Beamex MC6 has also allowed me to replace a cart full of equipment with 1 calibrator that does it all.

Antonia Vega, Calibration Superviser, NECI, USA

Using Beamex LOGiCAL has allowed us to switch to fully paperless calibration certificates, which means our field service technicians are approximately 30 to 40% more efficient. Automating our calibration process has also helped reduce potential errors.

Richard O’ Meara Contracts Manager, Douglas Calibration Services, Jones Engineering Group

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Calibration software as a service

With Beamex LOGiCAL you will know what needs calibrating and when. By removing the need for manual data entry your calibration process will become faster and more reliable. You can also access calibration results and generate certificates (PDF) via your browser at any time.

As a cloud-based solution, LOGiCAL makes it easy to cooperate and work at multiple locations. This makes the solution very affordable and removes the need for expensive IT infrastructure.

Beamex Logical calibration software

For the mobile worker

We offer tools for the mobile worker including calibration references for pressure, temperature and electrical signals, the Beamex MC6 family of portable multifunction calibrators and the Beamex bMobile application for tablet-based data entry for use in clean rooms to the most arduous of industrial environments with the ability to document and sign calibration results in the field. Beamex mobile security plus technology ensures these portable devices deliver the highest levels of data integrity, well in line with regulations such as FDA and MHRA.

Beamex CMX calibration management software and bMobile mobile application

Your partner for the engagement

Sometimes more important than your choice of calibration software or hardware is selecting a partner for the engagement, configuration, and delivery of the solution to your enterprise. The Beamex global professional services team uses our tried and tested project approach which include the project definition and scoping, URS and FDS definition, data migration and solution configuration together with solution validation as well as global site roll out support.

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Why Beamex?

Many service companies worldwide depend upon Beamex calibration solutions. Our solutions have been developed for over 40 years by combining our own experience and feedback gained through close partnerships with our customers to help them achieve their calibration related goals of compliance to regulation and productivity gains.

Many of these customers have selected Beamex calibration software, portable calibrators, and comprehensive launch and support services for their enterprise-wide solution. Calibration data has been connected and shared with their globally deployed ERP, maintenance system or instrument and asset management system to achieve end-to-end paperless calibration, streamlined processes, and truly mobile working while maximizing the integrity of the data to achieve the highest levels of compliance.

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