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How to Deal with the Diverse Challenges Faced by Service Companies

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Service companies that perform calibrations for the process industries face a whole host of challenges, from serving a wide range of customers with different needs to making sure each contract is profitable. Beamex solutions can help service companies serve diverse process industry customers while working more efficiently – which is key to creating a competitive advantage.

Here are some areas of your operations where Beamex can help:

Serve a wide range of process industry customers

One of the main challenges for service companies is dealing with the needs of a wide range of process industry customers. Every customer has unique requirements, and depending on the industry there are also compliance issues – for example the FDA’s Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP). There can also be environments, such as ATEX (explosive) environments, that require special procedures and equipment. Beamex calibrators are built with needs like this in mind, offering high accuracy and traceability to help companies stay audit ready.

Accurately estimate work for contracts

Estimating the right amount of hours for each contract is critical for service companies. Extra hours may not be billable, affecting the bottom line. By automating the calibration process, Beamex can cut up to 50% of the time needed to perform a calibration as digital certificates are automatically generated. These certificates are also sent to Beamex’s calibration software, so no data has to be entered manually. Beamex calibrators are designed to ensure an efficient, highly repeatable process – helping contract managers estimate the time needed for jobs more accurately.

Ensure the required technical skill level

Acquiring and keeping properly trained personnel is a big challenge for service companies. To help out with this, Beamex calibrators offer step-by-step guidance. The advantage of this is that because less training is required to perform a calibration, even less experienced technicians can reliably undertake calibration work.

Make sure that technicians have the right equipment

Many service companies use a single-function calibrator. These may not be properly calibrated themselves, which in the worst case results in an inaccurate calibration performed with a non-compliant device. Also, local distributors may not always be knowledgeable when it comes to supporting a given calibrator. Beamex ensures that its calibrators are properly maintained to offer the highest accuracy of results and can support service company customers effectively thanks to expertise gained from decades working with various process industries like pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and more.

Digitalize your operations

Many service companies still use a pen and paper to write out certificates before transferring this data manually to a database or spreadsheet – which always introduces the possibility for human error. Using paper is both more prone to errors and slower than an automated solution, which is a key pain point when trying to execute a contract on time. Beamex calibrators and software automate this process, removing the chance for human error to occur and saving time. Because the data is easily available in a digital format, service companies can also do trend analyses and offer analytics to their customers.

How service companies can create a competitive advantage

Read this White Paper to learn how implementing an automated calibration solution helps reduce the time spent on calibration, while controlling the costs and ensuring quality.

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