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Regional Sales Manager

…the average career length at Beamex is long, which is a good indicator to what kind of employer Beamex is.

“I was familiar with Beamex as a business before I started working here. I knew that they had a good reputation for producing high quality calibration hardware and software, and after checking out the website it wasn’t a hard decision to join. I have now been working as a Regional Sales Manager for 5 years covering Ireland, Wales, and the South West of the UK. Originally from Tipperary in Ireland, I am now based in Cardiff, and I typically split my time between the UK and Ireland, servicing our customers and developing new business across many different industries. I really value being able to do a job that I love on both sides of the Irish sea.

Upon joining Beamex, my first impressions were very good. I found that the focus within the company is on supporting people to flourish in their chosen discipline, which really impressed me and was exactly what I was looking for. Beamex promotes a good work life balance, which is something important to me, and was something I looked for in a potential employer. In addition, the average career length at Beamex is long, which is a good indicator to what kind of employer Beamex is. There is a big emphasis right across Beamex on enjoying what you do, it is one of our core values as a business and it is a thread that runs through each facet of our work, day to day.

I feel valued by Beamex. I feel that I fit here, and my team is friendly and highly competent. In my experience, the simplicity of being happy in your work can bring many benefits. It enables you to enjoy the process of work and not to be solely focused on the outcomes, which can be important. Happiness and contentment can breed a better quality of work, which will in turn have a positive impact on the outcomes you are striving for.

There is a popular phrase in Wales “Ambition is Critical” and at Beamex I think that we are certainly ambitious as a company and very forward thinking as people.”

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