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Beamex people - Justyna


Senior Designer and Team Lead, Technical Documentation

You can be yourself here and express your opinions freely.

“I moved from Poland for love, but to Pietarsaari for my dream job. At first when I moved to Finland, I didn’t know what I wanted to work with, only that it should be related to engineering. My first job in Finland was as a technical writer and I noticed that I really liked it. In 2018 I was looking for a new job that would offer me the possibility to develop myself professionally but also offer a warm, family-like atmosphere.

I saw the Beamex job offer and had to Google where Pietarsaari was, and boy – was I surprised to see how far it was from where I lived in Tampere. Still, I called to ask for details and applied shortly after. I got invited to the interview and took the train to Pietarsaari. I got good vibes during the interview and, at that time, realized I really wanted the job, even though it would mean a full relocation. Even though I didn’t come to Beamex with a full set of required skills, I got plenty of time, training and support to learn the skills I needed in my daily work. My colleagues also helped me tremendously in gaining the confidence to speak Finnish and use it on a daily basis.

With a growing product portfolio, there was a need to expand the team with new talents. I was offered a Team Lead role and I was happy to accept it. I’m currently working as a Senior Designer as well as a Team Lead in the Technical documentation team in the Product Development department. My main task is creating user documentation for Beamex products (hardware and software) but I am also responsible for developing documentation processes and implementing new technology. Additionally, I plan and coordinate the documentation tasks within the team while actively supporting the members.

The best thing about Beamex is that people genuinely care about each other. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed, and we approach work with a good sense of humor. You can be yourself here and express your opinions freely. You can openly talk about any obstacles and challenges you face at work and be sure that you will be supported. Beamex considers the high quality of our products, as well as the work we do, to be very important. We choose every day to be professional and use the best possible tools and methods to achieve the ideal user-experience for our customers.”

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