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Beamex Increases its Presence in Germany

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August 2017

Beamex Oy Ab increases its presence in Germany by acquiring Germex GmbH

Beamex, one of the world’s leading providers of calibration solutions, has acquired Germex GmbH incorporating Germex as its new subsidiary in Germany. The new subsidiary, named Beamex GmbH, will strengthen Beamex’s presence and ensure continued high-quality customer service to Beamex’s users in Germany.

Germany enjoys a leading position in security solutions and business enterprise software and boasts an enviable engineering reputation, process instrumentation and embedded systems know-how. Many of the Fortune 500 global companies are headquartered out of Germany making Germany one of the most significant countries in the world with all our focus industry segments well represented. Supporting these companies in streamlining their calibrations processes, both in Germany as well as throughout their global operations, requires in-depth cooperation with Beamex. It makes absolute sense for us to be present directly in this market.

We consider Germany as one of the most important markets for calibration equipment, software and systems in Europe and in the world.

Jan-Henrik Svensson, CEO of Beamex Group

Beamex has been providing calibration equipment, software and systems for customers in Germany for decades together with a long term Premium Business Partner, Germex GmbH, and has already established a strong market presence in the country. With this new subsidiary, the goal is to increase Beamex’s market shares and improve the experience of German customers by bringing new products and business concepts and continuing the very highest level of customer support.

“We have considered ourselves as part of the Beamex family during the last 25 years, so actually joining the Beamex Team is a very logical step. A loop gets closed and I´m sure our German customers will benefit from the continuity of the old Germex team now being part of the Beamex group. I´d also like to take this opportunity and give very special thanks to the Germex Team and my father Heinz Hoster without whom Germex would never been founded. It´s been an interesting journey so far and I´m really excited about our future together.” says Ralph Hoster, previous owner of Germex GmbH.

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Tiffany Rankin
Marketing Manager, North America
Phone: (678) 426-5242

About Beamex:

Beamex is your trusted partner for calibration excellence, providing accurate measurements, reliable data, and traceability for a safer and less uncertain world. Beamex helps improve efficiency, ensure compliance, and increase safety with its comprehensive ecosystem of calibration solutions – from field calibration to workshop calibration, calibration management, and services. Through the company’s global reach, Beamex products and services are available in over 90 countries.

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