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Beamex bMobile Now Available on the Apple App Store

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March 2022

Beamex bMobile Calibration Application Now Available on the Apple App Store

Beamex bMobile Calibration Application, an intuitive, multi-platform solution for the guided execution and documentation of field calibration, is now available via the Apple App Store. Now, Apple users can reduce manual data entry errors common when field calibration is conducted using pen and paper.

The Beamex bMobile Calibration Application can be used with either Beamex CMX or Beamex LOGiCAL Calibration Management Software to manage what to calibrate and when, and then assign the work and send the instruments to be calibrated along with all possible calibration standards from the calibration management software to your mobile device running bMobile.

Field calibrations can be executed offline with step-by-step guidance from bMobile. As data is entered, users see an error graph and will select calibration standards from a pick list, additionally notes or comments from the calibration can be saved. The application then documents and stores the calibration results securely and, when online, results are transferred back to Beamex CMX or LOGiCAL for further data analysis or calibration certificate printing.

The bMobile Calibration Application was created based on many years of field calibration experience. We are so pleased to be able to offer iPhone and iPad users access to this application which allows field technicians to carry less and do more. Users can complete work in the application off-life and then sync results to Beamex CMX or Beamex LOGiCAL when back in the office. Because, in a process plant, you don’t always have a reliable network connection.”

Ned Espy, Technical Director for Beamex Inc.

bMobile is available for iOS, Android, and Windows 10 platforms and can be downloaded for free from App Store, Google Play, or the Beamex website Download Center.

You can try out bMobile without CMX or LOGiCAL using the demonstration mode. bMobile is compatible with LOGiCAL and with CMX version 2.11 or later. Weighing Instrument Calibration, Maintenance Inspection, and Beamex Mobile Security Plus options are supported in bMobile if activated in CMX later.

Media contact:  

Tiffany Rankin
Marketing Manager, North America
Phone: (678) 426-5242

About Beamex:

Beamex is your trusted partner for calibration excellence, providing accurate measurements, reliable data, and traceability for a safer and less uncertain world. Beamex helps improve efficiency, ensure compliance, and increase safety with its comprehensive ecosystem of calibration solutions – from field calibration to workshop calibration, calibration management, and services. Through the company’s global reach, Beamex products and services are available in over 90 countries.

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