Advanced workstation calibrator and communicator

We made the MC6 Workstation an ergonomic calibrator for bench installations. Being easy to use, yet multifunctional device it offers a lot of functionality for calibrations. MC6 Workstation can be installed in the Beamex calibration bench or mobile trolley.

We aimed to make the MC6 easy and fun to use. We added a backlit large 5.7 inch color touch screen that can be used with bare fingers, with gloved fingers or with stylus. Intuitive user interface with multiple user interface languages is included. The connection diagrams guides you to make the connections right. We even added multiple user interface modes for different use cases.

Being a high-end process calibrator, we of course made it very accurate. The measurement uncertainty is very small and 1 year stability is also specified. Please refer to brochure for detailed specifications.

We added a multi-bus field communicator into the calibrator. It includes HART, FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1 and Profibus PA communication all in one device, select the ones that you need. No need to carry a separate communicator with you when you go to do calibration work.

MC6 Workstation is a documenting calibrator, used with Beamex calibration software enables a fully paperless calibration process.

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